dexteremmyMichael C. Hall in “Dexter”

The primetime Emmy awards are this Sunday and while there are some great nominees, the outcome could be not-so-great. So in order to keep some integrity in the state of television (and to not make me cry myself to sleep), here are ten things that MUST happen this Sunday:

1. “Dexter” needs to win best drama. I mean did you see last season? Did you see John Lithgow as the Trinity Killer? Did you see the shocking season finale? No show has ever had balls as big as “Dexter.” Emmy. Now! I’d love to see one of my favorite actresses Lauren Velez (Lt. Maria Laguerta) up on that Emmy stage!

2. Dexter himself Michael C. Hall needs to win the Emmy for Best Actor, Drama. Why? Because he’s amazing. Not only does he deserve a career Emmy (For “Six Feet Under”), but he’s been the only person who could make America love a sociopathic serial killer. Emmy. Now!

3. January Jones needs to win the Emmy for Best Actress, Drama. Simply because “Mad Men’s” last season was Betty Draper’s season. Lord knows it’s not this season.

Christina-Hendricks-Mad-MenChristina Hendricks in “Mad Men”

4. Christina Hendricks needs to win the Emmy for Best Supporting Actress, Drama. Though her “Mad Men” castmate Elisabeth Moss might win out over her (if they don’t cancel each other out), I think everyone’s favorite busty red-headed secretary should take home the gold.

5. Steve Carell should probably finally win the Emmy for Best Actor, comedy for “The Office.” He’s earned it. And we’re all this close to being sick of him.

6. Edie Falco should win the Emmy for Best Actress, Comedy for “Nurse Jackie.” She’s Edie Falco. She wins Emmys. That’s what she does. Although, Amy Poehler was better last season on “Parks and Recreation.”

NUP_111035_0091Jane Krakowski in “30 Rock” and Jane Lynch in “Glee”

7. Jane Krawkoski (“30 Rock) and Jane Lynch (“Glee) need to tie for Best Supporting Actress, Comedy. How could voters be expected to decide between two such hilarious Janes? It’s ridiculous. Give it to them both.

8. Ann-Margaret needs to return the Emmy she won at the Creative Arts ceremony for her guest role on “Law & Order: SVU.” Not because she doesn’t deserve it, but because my girl Mary Kay Place deserves it more! She’s the best part of “Big Love.” And she’s only considered a guest actress.

9. Betty White better get a lot of screen time when she appears as the recipient of the Best Guest Actress, Comedy (“SNL”).

10. Jimmy Fallon needs to be funny. For a change. Why oh why does he have to hijack my award show? Couldn’t Alec Baldwin host again?

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