NBC’s “30 Rock” did it again this season with another stack of Emmys won at last night’s awards ceremony. If you’ve watched a single episode these wins for the top-notch comedy should come as no surprise. Hands down, “30 Rock” is my favorite comedy on now (sorry, “The Office”, you’re a close second) and I swear that if the ratings kill this series like it did to my beloved “Arrested Development” I will throw away my TV (or maybe just my cable box).

“30 Rock” was nominated for 17 Emmys and brought home seven of those with a back-to-back win of the “Outstanding Comedy Series”. Tina Fey won for “Lead Actress in a Comedy” and “Outstanding Writer for a Comedy Series”. Alec Baldwin finally won his “Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series” after seven attempts. Tim Conway pulled an Emmy for his guest spot this past season as well. Rounding off their awards were “Outstanding Casting” and “Outstanding Sound Mixing”.

Be sure to put “30 Rock” on your DVR schedule and start watching when it returns to NBC on October 30th!

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