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Frailty” is one of those secret gems. Most people haven’t heard of it or think it must be a terrible film since it was directed by (and stars) Bill Paxton. That’s a very unfair assumption. It’s actually a fantastic movie loaded with darkness, chills and suspense.

The movie opens with Fenton Meiks (Matthew McConaughey) paying a visit to a FBI agent Wesley Doyle (Powers Booth) to talk about the God’s Hand Killer, who has been responsible for a series of grizzly murders. Fneton claims he knows who is the killer is and begins telling Wesley a story. So begins a series of flashbacks which make most of the movie.

Fenton reveal that he and his little brother Adam were forced by their religious-fanatic father (Paxton) to assist in killing bad guys. The father (who is never named) says that God came to him and told him he and his family need to find and eliminate demons who are posing as regular humans. Adam jumps right on board, thinking he and his family will be super heroes. Fenton, being the older brother, resists.

So now we have two horror stories on our hands. One one side, we have these victims being lured to the Meiks farm to be slaughtered by Dad and sons. Then we have the innocent kids who can’t escape their dad’s insanity.

The story is brilliantly told. And for a moment, you believe that God has told Paxton’s character to do this. He offers some pretty convincing proof that the victims have done some pretty bad things. The clincher comes later when you find out the effect dad had on the boys. One of them is the God’s Hand killer. Surely it’s Adam. Or is it Fenton?

“Frailty” 2001

Memorable Quote: “Do it like I showed you, the neck is first.”

Did You Know? Directors James Cameron, Sam Raimi and author Stephen King all singled out “Frailty” for high praise. King thought it one of the best horror movies of its year.

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