Before the franchise started getting ridiculous, “Friday the 13th” was actually worthy of lists. That’s why the first sequel comes in at the No. 27 spot. We first see Jason Voorhees spill blood in “Friday the 13th Part II” and he does so in a big way.

Jason apparently saw Alice kill his mother in the first one and has decided to continue her vow of revenge. Stalking a group of pot-smoking horny teens as they train to be camp counselors sounds like the perfect way to spend your summer. There isn’t much of a story here. But stories don’t matter in slasher movies. It’s all about the kills, the jumps and the tension. And the nudity, the sex and the drugs.

The best part about this movie is Jason was actually scary. Legitimately scary. He’s wearing that white bag over his head and he looks like a deranged mountain man when we finally see his unmasked face. And he stacks his bodies around the shrine of his dead mother’s head. Perfect psycho traits. Beyond this one, he just becomes less and less scary. Like when he switches to the hockey mask. That’ so not scary. And eventually, he has live maggots on him. That’s just ridiculous.

Oh, and it’s got Crazy Ralph. Crazy Ralph is awesome.

“Friday the 13th Part II” 1981

Memorable Quote: “These kids smoke better dope than I do.”

Best Scene: You knew this was coming. There’s this kill where Jason plants a machete into the face of poor guy in a wheelchair. Then the chair tumbles down the stairs toward the camera. It’s cruel. It’s cool. It’s the best kill in the movie, therefore it’s the best scene.

Did you know? When the filmmakers asked Adrienne King to reprise her role as Alice, she said that she wanted to be on screen for a short period of time because there was an obsessive fan who was stalking her, broke into her apartment, and she feared for her life.

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