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Let The Right One In” is a vampire movie, but it’s not like other vampire movies. It’s actually believable and therefore scary. The vampire in the movie is like what a vampire would be like if they really existed. She’s not scary, but she’s very dangerous. We know she doesn’t do sunlight, but we get no cliches thrown at us like garlic or holy water. She doesn’t sparkle. She doesn’t glamour. Oh, and she’s a she. A child even.

The movie tells the story of Oskar, a lonely 12-year-old boy living in an apartment complex that is always surrounded by snow (and usually darkness). One night he goes outside and meets Eli. She is lonely too so they become friends despite the fact that she smells like a dead animal. Oskar asks Eli to be his girlfriend, to which she replies “I’m not a girl.” She doesn’t even identify as “vampire.” But she is. She tells Oskar she has been his age for a long time. We also witness what she does to curb her hunger for blood. So we have enough evidence to support the fact that she is a vampire.

“Let the Right One In” is way more than a vampire movie. It’s a story about coming of age and even acceptance. The movie has a heart and before you know it, you’re sympathizing with a blood thirsty monster.

The movie is getting an American remake, which I really can’t understand. It might be from another country, but it’s a current and very smart film.

“Let the Right One In” 2008

Memorable Quote: “Oskar, I do it because I have to.” (She’s talking about killing people)

Did You Know? The title of the film (as well as the novel upon which it was based) refers to the Morrissey song “Let the Right One Slip In”. In addition, it also refers to the fact that, according to vampire myths, vampires must be invited in before they can enter someone’s home

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