Roman Polanski’s “Rosemary’s Baby” is one of those films that most people consider a horror film, but in actuality, it’s more of a psychological thriller or suspense story. But if it’s scary (and it is), it fits perfectly in our 31 Days of Horror countdown.

Rosemary (Mia Farrow) and her husband Guy (John Cassavetes) are apartment hunting in New York City. They find the perfect place. If by perfect you mean the perfect place to be raped by a demon. Because that’s what happens. Rosemary and Guy becomes friends with their eccentric, older neighbors who one day offer up a special dessert. After eating, Rosemary becomes ill and when she goes to sleep she has dreams she is being raped by a demon. When she wakes up with scratches on her body we have to think twice about that dream.

When she discovers she’s pregnant, then we really have to wonder.

Soon, everyone in the building makes her baby their business. They’re all concerned about what she eats, when she sleeps and are having secret meetings. Sadly, they didn’t try to stop her from getting that little boy hair cut.

Is Rosemary going crazy or is she about to give birth to the child of Satan?

“Rosemary’s Baby” 1968

Memorable Quote: “I’ve been to Vidal Sasson.” “You mean you actually paid for it?”

Best Scene: The big reveal. Like an HGTV makeover show, we get as special treat when Rosemary first sees her baby and realizes what’s been going on.

Did You Know? John Lennon was shot at the entrance to the Dakota (where most of the movie was filmed), on the same spot at which Rosemary and Guy are first seen at the opening of the movie.

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