Rapper-turned-actor 50 Cent has lost an extreme amount of weight in only nine weeks for his role in the upcoming movie Things Fall Apart. Photos were released today of the rapper looking completely sunken-in and sickly.

Credit: ThisIs50.com

It’s pretty much the oldest trick in the book – either lose or gain a lot of weight for a role, and suddenly you’ll be commended as the greatest actor of ALL TIME! Or something like that. It gets actors and actresses a ton of attention and, to some people, gains them credibility. It seems like 50 Cent is trying it out for himself, and at the very least, we know he is committed. Apparently the star lost 54 lbs. in just nine weeks by consuming a liquid diet and three hours a day on the treadmill. But does that mean he can actually act?

The movie, Things Fall Apart is due out some time in 2011 and tells the story of a promising young football player (50 Cent) who is diagnosed with cancer. The movie also stars Ray Liotta and gives 50 Cent a writing credit as well. Check out the pictures of 50‘s new look after the jump.

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