A&E‘s decision to cancel “The Beast” was all but inevitable with the series’ lead, Patrick Swayze, caught in a difficult battle with cancer. While the announcement was not surprising it is still a sad marker for such an enjoyable actor.

“The Beast,” a police drama that starred the ailing Patrick Swayze, will not return for a second season, A&E announced Monday.

But Swayze was unstinting in a rough-and-tumble performance that he maintained while battling pancreatic cancer throughout. His illness had no discernible effect on his gritty portrayal.

A&E president Bob DeBitetto called the performance “an inspiration to us all.”

DeBitetto said the series “has truly been a labor of love for everyone,” but added that “after careful deliberation we have reluctantly decided not to attempt a second season.”

I’m glad A&E didn’t try to capitalize on the situation and bring in a replacement or bend the story to replace Swayze. Perhaps one day they’ll be able to pick up where they left off.

Source: THR

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