Jamie Graetz and Nary Ebeid in amazing race 20

Amazing Race 20 ousted Jamie & Nary in episode 8 last night. Last night,CBS aired the 8th episode for Amazing Race season 20,and another team was sadly,sent packing,but not before some amazing tribulations. The show kicked off with the teams,heading to the Safari Junction. Once there,they had to find the Hillary Clinton shop to get their first clue for this leg of the race. JJ & Art made plans with Rachel and Dave to try and get rid of Rachel & Brendon with a u-turn.

Eventually,the teams arrived at the Hillary Clinton shop,and had to do their detours. They got to pick either the “Water Supply,” or “Air Supply” detour. In the “Water Supply” detour,they had to deliver a whole bunch of water containers to a home owner to get their next clue. In the “Air Supply” detour,they had to correctly fix a bicycle tire,inner tube leak to move on.

Once they finished up the detours,the teams headed to Jack Stelzer’s Pub & Karatu for their next clue. There was also a double u-turn option there. Rachel & Dave,bailed on the plan to u-turn Rachel & Brendon. The clue from here,sent the teams to Gym Gallery & Art to get their next clue.

J.J. & Art decided to u-turn Rachel & Brendon. Then Rachel & Brendon u-turned Ralph & Vanessa. This meant the two teams that were u-turned,had to go back,and complete the other detour challenge to move forward in the race.

Next,the teams had to go to Margaret’s Farm to get their next clue. Once they arrived,they had to do a Road Block. In the road block,the teams had to put on a bee suit,and harvest 500 grams of honey from a packed bee hive to get their next clue.

Jamie & Nary caught up to Ralph & Vanessa at Margaret’s farm,but had to complete a special “speed bump” challenge for showing up last in the last leg of the race. That totally caused them to fall behind again. J.J. & Art found out that Dave & Rachel didn’t do the u-turn deal,and were really pissed off.

After the road block,they had to go to Lake Manyara,which was the pit stop for this leg of the race. Bopper & Mark arrived in first place,and won a trip for two to Hanalei Bay in Hawaii from Travelocity. Dave & Rachel showed up in 2nd place,J.J. & Art took 3rd place,Rachel & Brendon arrived in 4th place.

Vanessa & Ralph came in 5th place,and Nary & Jamie showed up in last place again,so they had to scram. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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