Amazing Race 21 eliminated no one last night in episode 7 and to be continued. The show started off with the teams learning they had to fly over to Moscow,Russia to begin the first leg of this race. Once there, they had to go to a sculpture place to get their first clue. After they got that, they had to go to another location in the city to retrieve their next clue.

Meanwhile, they revealed that Abbie & Ryan, and Josh & Brent totally F’d up by missing their plane flight,allowing all the other teams to get a day and a half head start on them. From there, the other teams ran into their detours: “Alphabetize ,” or “Synchronize.”

In the “Alphabetize” detour,the teams had to locate a list of four books in a library to get their next clue. In the “Synchronize” detour, the teams had to learn and perform a choreographed swimming routine, to the judge’s satisfaction, to get their next clue.

After they finished up their detours, the teams had to head to another location to get to the “Trees Of Love.” Once there,the teams had to participate in another challenge,where they had to unlock a whole bunch of locks that were on a tree until they unlocked enough of them to release a ribbon that was bound by the locks. Once they completed that,they got their final clue for this leg of the race. It contained a picture of a theater,which was the pit stop.

Meanwhile, they also revealed that James & Mark’s cab driver,drove off with all of their stuff,including their passports,which meant they couldn’t complete the race unless they were able to ,somehow, find their stuff.

Then Trey & Lexi arrived in first place ,and won a trip for two to Maui,Hawaii from Travelocity. Jaymes & James showed up in 2nd place, and Natalie & Nadiya arrived in 3rd place. After that,they left the show incomplete with a “To be continued…” So, those SOBs left us all hanging this week with all that drama going on. Now, we’ll just have to tune back in next week. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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