Amazing Race 23 eliminated no one tonight in episode 10. Tonight’s episode ,started off with the teams, finding out they needed to head to the King Cobra House to get their first clue for this leg of the race. Once they arrived there, they had to eat a cooked snake to get their clue. Then they are directed to head to a different location, where they would end up, facing a Road Block challenge. During the Road Block challenge, they had to hard boil a dozen eggs in the freakishly hot sun to get their next clue.

After they completed the Road Block challenge, they ran into their detours: “Paint Your Partner,” or “Turn Over A New Leaf.” In the “Paint Your Partner” detour, the teams had to correctly make each other up in make-up to a particular style, to get their next clue. In the “Turn Over A New Leaf” detour, they had to find a pair clipping sheers in the tea fields to get their next clue.

After the teams finally finished up their detours, they were directed to quickly make their way to the pit stop for this leg of the race. Jason & Amy showed up in first place,and won a trip for 2 to New Mexico from Travelocity. Tim & Marie arrived in 2nd place, Travis & Nicole came in 3rd place, and Leo & Jamal showed up dead last due to getting severely held up for 5 hours in the “Turn Over A New Leaf” detour.

However, host Phil Keoghan, informed them that it was their luck day, because it was a non-elimination leg. So, Leo & Jamal will be able to stick around, but will have to face a nasty Speed Bump challenge in the next leg for being freaking slow pokes. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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