AMC released 3rd,new ‘The Walking Dead’ episode 8,season 2 intense spoiler clip. We got our hands on a new 3rd,sneak peek,clip (below) earlier today for the new “Walking Dead” episode 8,and man is it intense as crazy Shane gets extremely pissed off at old Herschel over poor little Sophia,and more. The episode is called, “Nebraska,” baby.

In the new clip,Shane goes off on Herschel,and accuses him of knowing that Sophia was all monstered up in that barn the whole damn time. He,of course, denies it,and Maggie jumps to his defense,claiming none of them new anything about her being in there. Shane proceeds to asks Herschel, how did Sophia get in there?

Herschel tells Shane, he doesn’t know because Otis put those walkers in the barn before he died. Shane doesn’t buy it,and appears to try and charge at Herschel before Maggie jumps in to push him back. It gets pretty damn intense. I personally don’t know why Shane is still trying to play all high and mighty after what he did to Otis. He’s an asshole. Anyways,check it out,below. Episode 8 airs Sunday,February 12th at 8pm central time. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here.

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