American Horror Story season 6 two more spoiler teaser clips hit the net. Recently, FX dropped these 2,new teaser spoiler clips (below) for their upcoming 6th season of “American Horror Story.” The first one is titled, “Visitors,” and features a bunch of symbols getting formed in some crop circles.

The 2nd one shows us quite a little more with rubber suits, bloody nun eyes, witchy triple kisses, the big top’s seedy underbelly, the Hotel Cortez and a short compilation of all the other season 6 teaser clips they’ve shown thus far. It’s titled, “Anthology,”and looks very interesting. Check em out, below.

As previously reported, it’s believed that season 6’s new theme will revolve around the mystery of the Roanoke colony. But of course, nothing is officially confirmed and probably won’t be until the season premieres, which will be on Wednesday night, September 14th, 2016 at 9pm central time on FX. Stay tuned.

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