American Idol 2012 ousted Heejun Han tonight in the finals round 4. Earlier tonight,Fox aired the elimination show for American Idol 2012 round 4,and comical Heejun and his jokes were sent packing despite his strong performance this week.

The show kicked off with a big announcement for Steven Tyler and Aerosmith. Apparently,they’re going on tour again,and wanted to tell us all about it,so they could sell a bunch of tickets. Then singer Eric Benet made a guest appearance to tell DeAndre how good he did last night. Needless to say,DeAndre was overly ecstatic.

Next, they showed footage of the contestants,moving into their really nice,Hollywood spot. Then Ryan revealed that Phillip Phillips and Elise Testone were safe tonight,and Hollie Cavanagh fell into the bottom three ditch.

After that,rapper/singing star Nicki Minaj hit the stage to perform her song titled, “Starships.” Then Ryan revealed that Joshua Ledet and Colton Dixon were safe tonight,and Heejun Han fell into the bottom three.

After the break,American Idol 2012 champ Scotty McCreery hit the stage to sing his song titled, “Water Tower Town.” Afterwards,Jimmy presented Scotty with a Platinum record plaque. Next, Ryan revealed that DeAndre Brackensick and Jessica Sanchez were safe tonight,and Skylar Laine fell into the bottom three ditch as well.

After the final break,Ryan revealed that Skyler was safe this week,which revealed Heejun and Hollie to be in the bottom two. Then Ryan quickly revealed that Heejun did get the least amount of votes this week,so he tried to sing for the judges one and only “save.”

Unfortunately,he too,was unsuccessful at getting the judges to budge on that save,even though he did give an awesome performance,so he got shipped back home. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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