jessica sanchez on american idol 2012

American Idol 2012 saved Jessica Sanchez,no elimination tonight in round 6 of the finals. Earlier tonight, a complete and utter travesty went down on American Idol 2012,and it was just by the grace of God that the judges were smart enough to keep that “save” handy until someone really deserved it.

The show kicked off with the final 7 contestants,performing Pink’s hit song, “Raise Your Glass.” Then host Ryan Seascrest and the final 7 contestants,went over some Twitter fan stuff that was sent in.

After that,Ryan revealed that Hollie Cavanagh had to stand on one side of the stage,and Jessica Sanchez had stand on the other side of the stage,because they decided to tease us with the results tonight.

After the break,former American Idol contestant James Durbin hit the stage to sing his song called, “Higher Than Heaven” from his new album entitled, “Memories of a Beautiful Disaster.” Next,Ryan revealed that Phillip Phillips had to join Hollie’s side of the stage,and Elise Testone had to join Jessica’s side of the stage.

After a break,former American Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson hit the stage with R&B star Ne-Yo to sing her song titled, “Think Like A Man.” Next,Ryan revealed that Joshua Ledet needed to join Jessica’s group,and Colton Dixon needed to join Hollie’s group. Then Ryan revealed that Skylar Laine was safe.

Immediately after that,he revealed that Hollie’s group was safe,which also revealed that Jessica,Joshua,and Elise shockingly landed in the bottom three this week! After another break, Ryan revealed that Joshua was safe,revealing that Elise and Jessica were the bottom two.

Finally,Ryan revealed that Jessica,shockingly,got the least amount of votes this week,! WTF? So,she had to sing for the judges “save,” but not for long,because the judges quickly rushed to the stage before she could finish the song,and told her she was safe. They said they were 100 percent using the save on her,without a doubt.

Then they begged America to please vote for the best singers from now on. They were really shocked by the outcome of the voting,and so was I. That’s why I don’t like American Idol. They pulled this crap last year.

Luckily,the judges were able to use the “save” this time. There’s no way in hell that Jessica should’ve been the bottom vote-getter. She’ll get a record deal no matter what,though. But American Idol is just ridiculous. Jessica should’ve went on “The Voice” or “X-Factor” where her talents would be more appreciated. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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