American Idol 2012 tent chick reportedly boozed up to multiple criminal arrest records. According to TMZ, the 24 year old, tent girl Amy Brumfield,who appeared on the premiere episode of the American Idol 2012 season the other night,apparently,has a pretty long track record for getting in trouble with the law.

They say, she was arrested six times in the past 7 years,and three of the offenses were for hitting up the booze a little too hard. She was arrested back in August of 2010 for getting so damn drunk,she pissed herself in the lobby of a Baskin Robbins.

If that weren’t enough, she was arrested 9 days before that,on August 13th,for displaying “extreme intoxication,” while trying to find someone to take her home. In 2007,she was arrested twice. The first one,was for staying at a property after her lease had ended. The 2nd one, was for underage consumption of alcohol,which she pled guilty to, and was sentenced to probation.

Then in 2005, she was arrested for criminal trespass on private property. The details around that incident are still unclear. However,after all that,things appear to be bright for her as she delivered a strong opening Idol audition that landed her a spot in Hollywood. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here.

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