American Idol 2013 eliminated Lazaro Arbos tonight in April 11th results show. The show kicked off with another really bad group performance from the final contestants that have,somehow,managed to hang around this far. After that, they took a look at some recap footage of the performances from last night for Kree,Angie,and Lazaro. Jimmy Iovine also chimed in for some brutally honest critiques.

After a break, former American Idol winner ,Scotty McCreery, hit the stage to perform his new single titled, “See You Tonight.” Next,they showed additional recap footage from last night’s performances for Janelle,Candice,and Amber with Jimmy Iovine in tow for more honest critiques. After that, the very first,original, American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson ,hit the stage to sing her new song titled, “People Like Us” to lead into another break.

After the break, host Ryan Seacrest revealed that Kree and Candice were safe and that they were also the top two vote-getters this week. From there, Ryan revealed that Amber and Lazaro were not safe,and were actually the bottom 2 vote-getters this week. That also meant that Janelle and Angie were safe. Needless to say, they were ecstatic to find that out.

Then after one more final break, Ryan revealed that Lazaro’s impending doom had finally arrived as he was indeed the bottom vote-getter this week,which also meant that Amber was safe. Next,Lazaro sang his awful song to try to win the judges “save.” And as anticipated, the judges said, no way,dude. You’re going home. Thank God as it was definitely about time.

I suspect that Lazaro lasted this long because that site was having their millions of readers, voting to keep him in,but it just wasn’t good enough this week as he was just that terrible. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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