Arsenio Hall won Celebrity Apprentice 2012 tonight in the live finale show. Earlier tonight, Celebrity Apprentice 2012 finally came to a close,and the former late night,talk show host was revealed to be the winner.

It kicked off with Trump,heading off to the live show. Then they showed more footage of the two finalists Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall,working on their task to impress Trump one last time. Their task was to create, host, and sell tickets to a celebrity charity event.

Arsenio ran into some issues with Adam Carolla over not being able to get his ideas in. Meanwhile, Clay finally liked something Debbie Gibson did. On the other hand, he still had to constantly keep Aubrey in check,so she wouldn’t take over his final task with her big mouth and overflowing ideas.

Back at the live show, Trump introduced some of the past celeb contestants back to the live show. At one point, Dayana Mendoza said,she had nothing positive to say about Lisa Lampanelli,and still thought she showed no respect. Victoria Gotti also said,she didn’t like Aubrey O’Day and Lisa Lampanelli either. Actually she despised them. So, I guess they’re on her hit list.

After that, they showed more footage of Clay and Arsenio’s final task. All of Arsenio’s people appeared to be a “no show” for the designated time that was set for the show, but all of Clay’s people,showed up on time to buy their tickets.

Later on, Trump arrived at the event to see how everything turned out. Also, Arsenio’s people finally showed up to buy their tickets. Then it cut back to the live show,where Trump introduced more celebrity contestants back to the show. Aubrey sported a new,blonde,hairdo,and she also apologized for anything she did that might have offended anybody on the show.

At one point, they showed all of Lisa’s very offensive moments on the show. Then they showed the clip where Dayana made fun of Lisa’s crying,and Lisa thought it was funny,and laughed her ass off. From this point, Trump continued to talk with some of the other celebs.

After the break, they showed more footage of Arsenio and Clay’s final task. Arsenio did some stand-up comedy,along with Lisa. On Clay’s team, Debbie Gibson and Dee Snider sang together. Aubrey sang a song. Penn did some magic. Clay sang with Aubrey. Overall,it looked like it went well for both teams.

Next, they showed boardroom footage,and talked about the task with Trump. Teresa said, Arsenio was a great project manager. However, Aubrey said, Arsenio has a lot of weaknesses,and wanted Clay to win. Then Trump revealed that Arsenio raised $167,100 and Clay raised $301,500,which put Clay in a very favorable position to win.

From this point, they went back to the live show,and Trump brought out Clay and Arsenio to talk about everything. Trump also asked a few of the celebs, who they thought should win,and it was pretty mixed.

After the break, Clay and Arsenio, hit the live stage to sing the classic “Lean On Me” song together. Next, Clay and Arsenio told Trump, why they thought they should win the show. After a few laughs and chuckles, Trump finally revealed that Arsenio Hall was the winner of Celebrity Apprentice 2012.

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