Ashley Tisdale spotted hittin up Zac Efron’s Cali house for alone time yesterday. Well,it looks like we’ve got a possible,new hookup alert as former High School Musical starlet Ashley Tisdale was spotted heading over to her former co-star Zac Efron’s house yesterday afternoon,December 15th.

According to Hollywood Life, Ashley hit up Zac’s house in Los Angeles,California,and she recently broke up with her boyfriend Scott Speer,so she’s totally free to mingle around. Also Zac’s former squeeze Vanessa Hudgens seems totally immersed in her current relationship with Austin Butler.

Now,we don’t know if Ashley’s actually hooking up with Zac or not,but if we heard some rumors about it,let’s just say,we wouldn’t be shocked. We’d be more like, “Yeah,that makes sense.” They were seen,getting very close at her 26th birthday,pool party back in July,so who knows. Maybe they’re trying to keep that little going . We’ll see. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here.

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