June 14, 2014

Additional Batman Vs Superman Upclose LexCorp Set Pics Hit The Net

Additional Batman Vs Superman upclose LexCorp set pics hit the net. Recently, Comicbookmovie.com acquired a few more new “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice” set pics,and some of them, feature,closer angles of the LexCorp building, along with the military and Emergency services vehicles, and more. You guys can see the new set photos at Comicbookmovie.com by Clicking Here.

As previously reported, the production peeps got back to work on the set earlier this week in the Michigan area, getting everything ready for the new LexCorp scenes that are now scheduled to shoot on June 16th and 17th after getting delayed from an earlier June 12th and 13th date, because of rainy days.

Also, some military scenes that include over 8,000 extras reportedly took place, so it was pretty damn crowded out there to say the least. The movie is still set to arrive in theaters on May 6th, 2016.

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June 14, 2014

New Flash TV Show ‘Impossible Man’ Spoiler Clip Released,New Footage


New Flash TV show ‘Impossible Man’ spoiler clip released,new footage. Recently, DC Entertainment dropped this new spoiler clip (below) for the upcoming CW “The Flash” TV show. It’s titled, “Impossible Man,” and serves up a new look at Barry Allen aka The Flash, blazing it up with his super fast speed. Also, actor Tom Cavanagh aka Dr. Harrison Wells, chimes in to give some spoiler commentary, accompanied by another cool scene of Barry’s scorching fast speed. Check it out,below.

The show stars: Grant Gustin as Barry Allen aka The Flash, Jesse L. Martin as Detective West, Rick Cosnett as Detective Eddie Thawne/Professor Zoom, Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost, Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon/Vibe, Candice Patton as Iris West, and Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells.

In the new show, scientist Barry Allen, suffers a freak accident that turns him into a superhero with the power of incredible speed. It’s set to debut this Fall 2014.

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June 14, 2014

Teen Wolf Season 4 Argent To Be Really Messed Up & More,New Spoilers


Teen Wolf season 4 Argent to be really messed up & more,new spoilers. Recently, TV Line got to chat up “Teen Wolf” Daddy Argent star, JR Bourne (left), to get more season 4 scoopage, and he had some very interesting spoilers to reveal. In this segment, he revealed that Argent is basically going to be totally Fd up. However, he will keep trying to help Scott out from time to time.

First, JR told them: “Argent is ridiculously messed up. He’s definitely struggling with returning to Beacon Hills. He even mentioned in Season 3 how everything there had decimated his family, and that was before his daughter died. He’s battling with a lot of inner vengeance, and he’s trying to figure out who he has left, who he cares about — which is, ironically enough, some of the werewolves.”

After that, he talked about how Argent will keep trying to help Scott out when asked about it, stating: “Yes, and I think that’s always sort of been there. But with his real father being in the picture now, I don’t think Argent is going to step too much on those toes. I think he’ll always desire to be there for Scott, because he’s proven himself over and over to Argent. Basically, Argent is in a state of “What now?” and “Why bother coming back?” But he does.”

Stay tuned. Season 4 is set to debut on Monday night, June 23rd at 9pm on MTV.

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June 14, 2014

24 Season 9 To Make Up 17 Missing Hours Before The Finale,New Spoilers

24 logo image

24 season 9 to make up 17 missing hours before the finale,new spoilers. Recently, TV Line got to chat up 24′s executive producer, Howard Gordon, and he revealed that a missing 17 hours will eventually get made up, some way, some how before the finale episode on July 14th.

Apparently, the show has been running in real time, meaning only 7 hours have passed, leaving this other 17 hours out there just waiting to be filled up. Unfortunately, Howard couldn’t elaborate on exactly how they’ll make up those missing 17 hours, stating, “We’ve been sworn to secrecy.”

In related news, they inquired if Kiefer Sutherland aka Jack might pass the torch over to Yvonne Strahovksi aka Kate Morgan if the show gets renewed for a new season 10. Co-creator, Robert Cochran, answered that by saying: “I think it’s a possibility. There are no specific plans right now, but that’s the kind of thing we’d consider. The format itself is very sturdy and with the right story it can be compelling.

So if a Jack-free story presented itself to us, we would be open to it.”

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June 13, 2014

New 22 Jump Street Movie Got Mostly Positive Reviews From Top Critics


New 22 Jump Street movie got mostly positive reviews from top critics. Columbia Pictures (Sony) released their new action/comedy flick, “22 Jump Street” into theaters yesterday, June 12th, and the reviews are in from all the top critics. It turns out that most of them liked it too, drumming up an overall 72 score out of a possible 100 score across 39 reviews at Metacritic.com.

The movie stars: Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Ice Cube, Amber Stevens, and Craig Roberts. We’ve included blurbs from a couple of the critics,below.

Ty Burr at the Boston Globe, gave it a great 88 score, stating, “A hugely enjoyable shambles. It’s a comic deconstruction of that most useless of Hollywood artifacts — the blockbuster sequel — that refuses to take itself seriously on any level, which, face it, is just what we need as the summer boom-boom season shifts into high gear.”

Betsy Sharkey from the Los Angeles Times, gave it an 80 grade. She said: “A great deal of insanity ensues, none of which would work if Tatum and Hill weren’t so disarming in their roles. Their level of comfort with the characters and each other helps 22 click.”

Manohla Dargis at The New York Times, gave it another 80 score, saying: “More is more and is, at times, just right in 22 Jump Street, an exploding piñata of gags, pratfalls, winking asides, throwaway one-liners and self-reflexive waggery.”

John DeFore at The Hollywood Reporter, gave it an 80 score. He stated: “It’s laugh-packed, self-aware in a manner that lets everyone in on the joke, and goofily satisfying in the action department.”

Scott Foundas over at Variety, gave it an 80 as well, stating: “22 Jump Street hits far more often than it misses, and even when it misses by a mile, the effort is so delightfully zany that it’s hard not to give Lord and Miller an “A” for effort.”

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June 13, 2014

New Big Brother 16 Premiere Date Revealed With Crazy New Possible Spoilers


New Big Brother 16 premiere date revealed with crazy new possible spoilers. According to a new report from Big Brother Network, it was recently revealed that the new Big Brother season 16 premiere date is going to land on June 25th this year, but I’m sure you die-hard BB fans new that, already. What you might not know, is these crazy, possible twists we might encounter.

They’re now reporting that the production over there, is planning a big “2 Night Move-In Event” for the premiere. What this means, is they might offer a chance for a Blood Vs Water theme to take place with half of the pairs moving in one night and the half the next night.

Then there’s another possibility of them just doing a grand season premiere with all the craziness of those first few days split up in to two separate shows, with each running for one hour. The season premiere is set for Wednesday night, June 25th at 8PM with the second episode to air on the very next night, Thursday, June 26th at 9PM.

Stay tuned as they’ll be revealing the new cast pretty soon.

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June 13, 2014

New Beauty And The Beast Season 2 Catherine,Vincent Finale Spoiler Teasers Revealed

New Beauty And The Beast season 2 Catherine,Vincent finale spoiler teasers revealed. Recently, TV Line served up another one of their spoiler chat sessions, and dished out a new,small, spoiler teaser for the upcoming “Beauty And The Beast” season 2 finale. It turns out that Catherine and Vincent are going to have to answer a huge question about their future, and the finale will be emotionally traumatic for everyone.

In their spoiler chat reveal, they said: “I think the fans would have been pleased it had been a series finale, but what does happen is there’s a question that Catherine and Vincent have to answer about their future and how they want to proceed.” All told, she says the season ender is “rather emotionally traumatic for everybody.”

Stay tuned. The season 2 finale episode is scheduled to air on Monday night, July 7th at 8pm central time on The CW.

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June 13, 2014

New Revenge Season 4 Emily,Victoria,David Problem Triangle Spoilers Revealed

New Revenge season 4 Emily,Victoria,David problem triangle spoilers revealed. As previously reported, TV Guide served up their new Mega Buzz, spoiler chat session, and dished out some new spoiler scoopage for “Revenge” season 4 in regards to a problematic triangle that will ultimately takes place between Emily,Victoria, and new regular ,David Clarke.

It turns out that Victoria will undoubtedly be out to get major revenge on Emily for having her locked up in that mental hospital, and David is going to get caught up in the middle of their drama. In their spoiler chat reveal, they explained: “David won’t be Victoria’s first concern. That honor belongs to Emily, since she put Victoria in the psych ward.

“Victoria takes stock in the horrible things that Emily has done and the chaos she has rained down on the Grayson family,” executive producer Aaron Harberts told my colleague Robyn Ross. “She’s going to be pissed and she’ll come out swinging. As Emily is trying to create a new, more positive life for herself… Victoria is going to be coming up behind her.” But David will eventually be caught in the middle of that battle.

“He’s going to cause a lot of problems because he’s at a point where these two women’s lives intersect,” Harberts says.” Season 4 is set to premiere this Fall 2014.

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June 13, 2014

New The 100 Season 2 Possible Mountain Men Spoiler Teasers Revealed By Producer


New The 100 season 2 possible Mountain Men spoiler teasers revealed by producer. As previously reported, TV Line got to chat it up with “The 100″ producer, Jason Rothenberg, to get some initial season 2 scoopage, and in this segment, he delivered up some possible teaser scoopage for the Mountain Men when they asked him about it.

TV Line asked Jason if these Mountain Men would be the new enemies in season 2? And Jason replied with: “I think that’s also up for interpretation. One of the things we’ll definitely be explaining is how these worlds, these groups of people, relate to each other. Who’s at war, who has alliances and where do the people from the Ark fit into that?

Nobody on this show is evil just for the sake of being evil; they all just have their own security in mind. That’s how you ground things in reality, though I must say the Reapers come close. They have a reason for the way they look and what they do.” Stay tuned. Season 2 will be debuting sometime in the 2014-2015 season.

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June 13, 2014

New American Horror Story Season 4 Sarah Paulson Character Revealed With Promo Pic


New American Horror Story season 4 Sarah Paulson character revealed with promo pic. Recently, American Horror Story star, Sarah Paulson, took to her Twitter account to reveal what her new character will be in the upcoming season 4, “Freak Show,” and she also dropped a new promo pic to go along with the interesting news. It turns out that she will be playing conjoined twins, Bette and Dot.

Along with the photo, Sarah added the following caption: “So excited to be playing Bette AND Dot this season. Two heads are better than one! ” As previously reported, the 4th season will take place in Jupiter, Fla. circa 1950. Main actress, Jessica Lange, is going to play a German ex-pat who runs one of the last remaining freak shows in the country, and will reportedly do anything to keep her dying cottage industry alive just a tad bit longer. The story is also supposed to get very dark.

Angela Bassett, Frances Conroy, Gabourey Sidibe ,Jamie Brewer, and Evan Peters are definitely returning. Denis O’Hare and Emma Roberts are in talks to return as of last month. Season 4 is set to premiere this October 2014. Stay tuned.

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