July 31, 2008

Is Venom Sony’s Antidote To Spider-Man?

Despite being attached to the critical flop of “Spider-Man 3”, Venom is being eyed by Sony for a new movie spin-off aimed at revitalizing the aging franchise. I was always into the character of Venom as I like my stories dark and dangerous and considering “The Dark Knight’s” box office domination I would guess that […]

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July 22, 2008

Tom Cruise To Reprise Maverick Role In Top Gun 2

Say what you will about Tom Cruise these days, but back in 1986 he was the man as Maverick in “Top Gun”. Yet the news of Cruise desperately seeking a return to his glory days with a possible route through a “Gun” sequel does not give me the warm fuzzies. WENN is reporting that the […]

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July 18, 2008

Tom Cruise Dumped From Columbia’s ‘Salt’

Everyone not just dropped from Columbia Picture’s spy thriller “Edwin A. Salt” step forward. Ah ah ah, Tom Cruise, not so fast. With his star power dying out, it appears that movie studios just aren’t willing to front Mr. Katie Holmes the kind of cash he used to earn. Snarkista shares the details: Tom Cruise […]

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July 10, 2008

NY Governor’s Whore Wants Her Own Reality Show

Remember that hooker Ashley Dupré that had so much media attention she was practically celebrated like she was Julia Roberts in that long ago movie? Well she’s back and this time she wants her own reality show where she can search for true love, because that’s what whores do right? I’m pretty sure they’re out […]

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July 9, 2008

David Chase Still Doesn’t Want A Sopranos Movie

Sex and the City made the jump to the big screen. The X-Files is about to do it again. Hell, I even read disturbing news that Friends could end up doing the same. So why not The Sopranos? Oh yeah, David Chase still doesn’t want to do it, as Peter Bogdanovich, who played Dr. Elliot […]

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July 9, 2008

Tropic Thunder – Spoof ‘Making Of’ Video: Rain of Madness

“Tropic Thunder” releases in theaters on August 15, 2008, but the makers of it would like you to know it was no easy road to get there. Check out the spoof video entitled “Rain of Madness” for lots of fun clips. I think my favorite part was the line “after just 5 days of shooting […]

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July 8, 2008

Pineapple Express To Ride Again, Rogen Wants A Sequel

What ever happened to idea that you could jinx your movie by talking about a sequel before the first one ever hit the silver screen? I guess when it comes to Seth Rogen he can do just about anything these days. Moviehole had the chance to talk with Rogen about his upcoming comedy, “Pineapple Express”, […]

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July 2, 2008

5 Reasons To Hate Hancock, Thanks Will!

Snark Food found this great video from Cracked which tells us just how bad Hancock is. Nothing about this film has drawn any interest from me besides Jason Bateman’s involvement, and it’s mostly just pity for the guy. Hopefully he’ll stay away from things like this in the future. Anyway, check out the 5 reasons […]

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June 25, 2008

Disaster Movie: Worst Summer Movie? Yes

Earlier this month the poster for “Disaster Movie” was released and while we couldn’t tell much from that it was safe to assume it’d be crap considering it’s from the same people that dumped out “Meet the Spartans”, “Epic Movie”, “Date Movie”, blah blah blah. Sure enough. The movie trailer for “Disaster” has been released […]

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June 18, 2008

JJ Abram’s Fringe On FOX Gets A Comic Book

One of the new Fall 2008 television shows being launched is “Fringe” on FOX from J.J. Abrams (LOST, Cloverfield). So far from what I’ve seen it’ll be an X-Files meets Alias with it’s paranormal subject matter and the black ops, secretive government branch. To hype up the new series, which I definitely plan to watch […]

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