June 29, 2014

Mistresses Season 2 Savannah To Have A Major Enlightening,New Spoiler

Mistresses season 2 Savannah to have a major enlightening,new spoiler. As previously reported, TV Guide delivered up their newest Mega Buzz,spoiler chat session, and revealed new spoiler dish for the current “Mistresses” season 2 in regards to Savannah, via executive producer, KJ Steinberg.

It turns out that Savi will run into some major issues with her father, which will turn out to be quite enlightening, and more. In their spoiler chat reveal, they stated: ” Savi’s issues with her mother are nothing compared to what’s in store when her dad (guest star John Heard) comes to town! Even though he walked out on the family when Savi was young, “Savi pretty much blames her mom for all the things she could blame a parent for,” executive producer KJ Steinberg says.

However, her visit with her dad will finally serve as a “wakeup call,” Steinberg says. “Up until the moment where she confronts her father, he can do no wrong. But we will learn just how wrong he can do.” Guesses anyone?”

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June 29, 2014

True Blood Season 7 Bringing On New Male Vamp For Sex & Fighting Action,New Details

True Blood season 7 bringing on new male vamp for sex & fighting action,new details. Recently, TV Guide served up their latest Mega Buzz, spoiler chat session ,and revealed new character spoiler dish for “True Blood” season 7.

It turns out that we’re going to see a new, male vampire show up on the scene, and will eventually sweep one of the Bon Temps ladies off their feet, while also helping to fight the Hep-V vampire war that is brewing. In their spoiler chat reveal, they explained: “You’ll soon meet a chiseled new vamp who gets pulled into the H-vamp war. And when he sets his eyes on one lucky Bon Temps lady, he’ll prove to be just as good a lover as he is a fighter.

Although the object of his affection is initially a bit heartsore and unsure about entering into a new relationship, she eventually lets the good times roll when they get down and dirty on a pool table.” Stay tuned. Episode 2 airs tonight, June 29th at 9pm on HBO.

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June 28, 2014

New Teen Wolf Season 4 Scott’s Mom & Dad Spoiler Teasers Revealed


New Teen Wolf season 4 Scott’s mom & dad spoiler teasers revealed. As previously reported, TV Line dished up a new spoiler chat session, and revealed a little bit of a spoiler tease for “Teen Wolf” season 4 in reference to Scott’s mom and dad. It turns out that we shouldn’t expect to see romantic action from mother McCall and Sheriff Stilinski.

However, they did mention that we’re going to see Melissa McCall and Scott’s dad, Rafael, have some pretty big moments. In their spoiler chat ,when asked about possible mother McCall and Stilinski action, they said: “If you’re asking about their romantic relationship — it’s no secret that many ‘ship those two — you shouldn’t expect any new developments on that front.

But Stiles’ dad and Scott’s mom do have some pretty big interactions coming up, and we’re still not used to hearing them talk about werewolves together.” Stay tuned. Episode 2 airs this Monday night, June 30th at 9pm on MTV.

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June 28, 2014

New Doctor Who Season 8 Premiere Date Finally Dished Out By BBC

doctor who logo image

New Doctor Who season 8 premiere date finally dished out by BBC. Recently, BBC America finally let the world know that they plan to debut the upcoming 8th season of their hit show, “Doctor Who,” on Saturday, August 23rd, 2014, so go ahead and jot that down on your TV calendars. The new season is going star: Peter Capaldi as The Doctor and Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald.

Lead writer and executive producer ,Steven Moffat, scripted the first episode of the new series. Then Phil Ford drafted the second one. Both of the first two episodes are being directed by Ben Wheatley. The show is executive produced by Moffat and Brian Minchin, and produced by Nikki Wilson and Peter Bennett.

It is a BBC Cymru Wales production for BBC One.

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June 27, 2014

Big Brother 16 Donny,Paola,Brittany & Victoria Up For Eviction,Week 1

    paola shea image victoria rafaeli image donny thompson image brittany martinez image

Big Brother 16 Donny,Paola,Brittany & Victoria up for eviction,week 1. According to our sister site, Big Brother Network, the Big Brother 16 first eviction nominations have already taken place. Caleb, who won the 2nd HOH, nominated Donny Thompson and Paola Shea for eviction. Then, Frankie Grande, who won the very first HOH, nominated Brittany Martinez and Victoria Rafaeli for eviction.

Additionally, it’s speculated that Caleb and his nominees ,won “Battle Of The Block,” dethroning Frankie’s HOH, so the POV competition will be next. I’m still confused as to who stays nominated and who doesn’t, but we’ll find out all that good stuff after this first week plays out.

The POV comp is expected to take place later on today, July 27th, so we’ll keep an eye out for that on the live feeds or when Big Brother Network covers it.

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June 27, 2014

New NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Premiere Date Finally Dished Out By CBS

New NCIS Los Angeles season 6 premiere date finally dished out by CBS. Recently, CBS finally got down to business and served up their new Fall 2014 premiere date schedule, and it turns out that NCIS: Los Angeles season 6 is getting bumped from Tuesday nights to Monday nights as it will debut on Monday night, September 29th at 9pm central time. So, be sure to mark that down on your TV calendars.

The big time slot move was done to make way for the new NCIS spin off, “NCIS: New Orleans.” It will be taking over the Tuesday night, 8pm central time slot that NCIS: Los Angeles used to hold. So, a little bit of a schedule adjustment will be required to keep up with all the NCIS madness this season, or just DVR it all. Stay tuned.

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June 26, 2014

New Transformers 4 Mark Wahlberg ‘It Was Me’ Movie Clip Hit The Net


New Transformers 4 Mark Wahlberg ‘It Was Me’ movie clip hit the net. Recently, Paramount Pictures served up this new movie clip (below) for their upcoming “Transformers 4: Age Of Extinction” hardcore/action film. The clip is labeled, “It Was Me” as Mark Wahlberg’s character goes to some very extreme measures to get Jack Reynor’s character to admit to being in his house with his daughter a few weeks back. Check it out,below

The film stars: Mark Wahlberg, Jack Reynor as Shane Dyson, Nicola Peltz, Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammer, Sophia Myles, Li Bingbing, and T.J. Miller. In the new movie, a group of powerful, ingenious businessman and scientists will try to learn from past Transformer incursions and push the boundaries of technology beyond what they can control — all while an ancient, powerful Transformer menace sets Earth in his crosshairs.

The epic adventure and battle between good and evil, freedom and enslavement ensues. It’s set to arrive in theaters tomorrow, June 27th,2014.

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June 26, 2014

New Person Of Interest Season 4 Premiere Date Finally Revealed By CBS

New Person Of Interest season 4 premiere date finally revealed by CBS. Recently, CBS finally got out of the blocks with their Fall 2014 schedule, which of course, revealed where they’ll be putting “Person Of Interest” season 4. It turns out that it will be keeping its Tuesday night time slot of 9pm central time, and will debut on Tuesday night, September 23rd, so go ahead and mark that down on your TV calendars.

In related news, other popular CBS shows will be premiering that same week. “The Big Bang Theory” season 8 debuts on Monday night, September 22nd at 7pm central time. NCIS season 12 premieres on Tuesday night, September 23rd at 7pm central time. Survivor season 29 debuts on Wednesday night, September 24th at 7pm central time.

The Amazing Race season 25 premieres on Friday night, September 26th at 7pm central time. CSI season 15 debuts on Sunday night, September 28th at 9pm central time. NCIS: Los Angeles season 6 premieres on Monday night, September 29th at 9pm central time.

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June 26, 2014

Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Amelia Shepherd Upgraded To Season Regular,New Details


Grey’s Anatomy season 11 Amelia Shepherd upgraded to season regular,new details. According to a new report from TV Line, the Grey’s Anatomy’s season 11 people have decided to promote Derek Shepherd’s kid sister, Amelia, to a season regular character, so be prepared to see Amelia get some more screentime in the new season.

She’s played by actress Caterina Scorsone (left), and she’s pretty ecstatic about the new gig. Caterina told TV Line back in April that she was really hoping she’d get to stick around with the following statement: “There are so many complicated aspects to where this story could go in the future. I would absolutely be game to play in this world as long as she wanted me there.”

As previously reported, Sandra Oh aka Cristina, Gaius Charles aka Shane, and Tessa Ferrer aka Leah are all out the door, and will not be returning. Sandra quit, and I guess the other 2 just got laid off. Season 11 is set to debut this Fall 2014.

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June 25, 2014

New Teen Wolf Season 4 Malia,Peter Possible Turbulent Spoiler Teaser Revealed


New Teen Wolf season 4 Malia,Peter possible turbulent spoiler teaser revealed. Recently, TV Line served up their newest spoiler chat session, and in this segment, they got Malia star, Shelley Hennig, to help tease some spoiler details for a possible meetup between Malia and her father, Peter. It turns out that it’s probably not going to go too well, judging from what she had to say.

In their spoiler chat session, their conversation went like this: “Well, Deb, if you guessed either “awkward” or “difficult,” you’d be right on the money. “Peter is the guy who Malia has heard nothing but horrible things about from Scott, Stiles and Lydia,” Shelley Hennig explains. “I’m sure there’s a part of her that thinks, ‘This is my dad, I can’t ignore him,’ but then there’s also another part, telling her, ‘I don’t think that’s a good idea.’

There might be a bit of a struggle with that.” I say “might” is an understatement.” Season 4 continues its amazing season this Monday night, June 30th at 9pm on MTV.

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