Photo Credit: Universal

Photo Credit: Universal

From Ridley Scott comes the latest version of the Robin Hood tale, with a new face and latest film technology. Oscar winners Russell Crowe (Robin Hood) and Cate Blanchett (Lady Marion) star in this version, which looks almost like a cross between Troy and Braveheart as far as visuals go.

The film promises to give you a deeper look into the age old question of whether or not Robin Hood is a hero, thief, or both, and will provide a new perspective to what some may consider a stale story. Universal Pictures has provided us with a variety of trailers, and you can check them out below, along with some stills from the film. Don’t lie, I know you wanted to see a little bit more of Russell Crowe. And don’t forget to check out Robin Hood in theatres this Friday, May 14th.

New Trailer

Theatrical Trailer

Interactive Trailer

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