Bachelor 2012 Ben currently cheating on fiance Courtney with 3 other chicks. According to Hollywood Life, Bachelor 2012 Ben is reportedly not talking with his current fiance evil Courtney Robertson after seeing her scandalous ways on the show. To top it all off,he has reportedly been seen out with three other chicks,getting his freak on.

Sources for Us mag claim, Ben hasn’t split with Courtney yet,but definitely has stopped talking to her. Then on February 14th,he was spotted,taking a girl home with him after meeting her in Las Vegas. Their eyewitness said, “they were doing weird dance moves, laughing and joking. The girl stayed at Ben’s and left his home the next day wearing her going out clothes.”

Then Ben reportedly got it on with another chick the next day in the park,and headed back to his place. “The woman’s hands were all over Ben’s body and his hands were on her ass the entire time.”

On February 17th,Ben was seen,partying in San Francisco with a woman in red pants. “It looked like an altercation at first, then he kissed her on the mouth and hugged her. She wrapped her arms completely around him and embraced him. After the kiss, she walked the other way.”

Their insider claims,Courtney did really develop feelings for Ben,and wants to make it work. However,Ben isn’t making any kind of effort to talk with her. Ben has also told friends,things are bad between the two of them. Courtney currently “feels very disconnected from him, and he can’t stand confrontation.” Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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