Bachelor 2012 Ben officially picked evil Courtney to be his bride in finale episode 12 tonight. Well,ABC aired the finale episode 12 of Bachelor 2012 earlier tonight,and everything pretty much played out as reported. Ben is stuck with evil Courtney for eternity.

The episode kicked off with that lovely angel Lindzi,coming to meet Ben and his parents. She was a little nervous at dinner,but ended up having very good conversations with Ben’s sister and mother. They ultimately gave Lindzi their stamp of approval.

Next,came Courtney,and the relatives were already skeptical even before Courtney arrived. However, Courtney put on her good “act” for them,and made them think she was just a cute,little,angel. She also lied about how horrible she acted with the other ladies after being heavily questioned about it. Ultimately, Courtney was able to fool them just like she fooled Ben. I guess being gullible runs in Ben’s family.

They showed footage of Ben’s sister and mother actually steering him in the direction to pick Courtney,claiming she was more of what he’s looking for,and she would be a good pick,lol!!! At this point, I thought I was watching the Twilight Zone,seriously.

Anyways,after that weirdness,they showed Ben having 1 on 1 dates with both Courtney and Lindzi at the Swiss Alps. Lindzi tried to open up more for Ben,and told him she loved him constantly,showered him with kisses,and he reciprocated. Courtney did the same,but brought up doubts in their relationship because she felt like she shouldn’t have been question about how she treated the other women on the show. Still,it ended with a kiss.

Finally,after showing the chicks getting ready for the big day for about 15-20 minutes,they showed Lindzi being flown in on a helicopter,first,which is always a definite hint they’re the ones getting rejected. After Lindzi met Ben on the magic spot on the mountain,he gently let her down by telling her,he fell in love with someone else.

Lindzi being the sweet person she is,blamed herself,and said she just wished she would’ve given Ben what he needed,and told him to call her if things don’t work out with him and Courtney. Awww. Next, Courtney rolled up in her helicopter. Then Ben said a few words,got down on one knee,and proposed to her.

She,of course,said yes. Then they kissed and acted all giddy to cap it off. At the “After the final rose” special,it was revealed that Ben broke if off with Courtney after watching the show back. However,it appeared that they made up,and Ben gave her the ring again. They also revealed some other strange things that went on with them. I don’t see them making it at all. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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