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Bachelor 2013 eliminated Amanda Meyer & Leslie Hughes tonight in episode 4. The show started off with footage of Sean and Selma’s 1 on 1 date. They ended up in a hot desert to go rock climbing. Selma definitely wasn’t feeling it at first. Then as they started climbing the mountain,she got a huge surge of energy and beat Sean to the top,totally impressing him. Later on in the date,they had a good talk. Selma revealed, she couldn’t kiss him due to her strange Arabic religion,but Sean decided to still keep her around and gave her an early rose.

From there, they showed footage of Sean taking 8 of the girls on a group date to the roller derby. They were going to have a race of some sort,but clumsy Amanda fell on her face and hurt her jaw pretty bad,so Sean called the race off and they just skated for fun. On the 2nd half of the group date, Tierra flipped her wig and got all upset,claiming the other girls were so fake and she just couldn’t take it anymore.

She eventually hunted Sean down,interrupting his alone time with another girl,so she could show him how upset she was and get some pity. It apparently worked because Sean gave her the early rose for the night,heavily pissing off the other girls in the process.

Next, Sean and Leslie Hughes went on their 1 on 1 date. He took her to shop it up at a Rodeo Drive shopping spree, and met Neil Lane. Leslie ended up getting an expensive dress,shoes,and diamond necklace. Then on the 2nd part of the date, Sean basically told her there was no romantic sparks with her,and that he had to get rid of her. She was visibly upset and told him to take his damn gifts back,but not in a mean way. However that would’ve been great if she did,lol!!

Next, the cocktail party started up,and it basically showed footage of the girls making fun of Tierra behind her back and laughing at her. It turns out that they don’t like her,because she appears to be quite scandalous and is very standoffish around them. Sean also had to keep reassuring Tierra that she was fine ,and didn’t need to worry about what the other girls might say about her.

After that, Sean finally handed out the roses. Catherine,Lindsay, Desiree, Lesley, Robyn,AshLee,Sarah, Jackie ,and Daniella all received roses to join Selma and Tierra who received roses earlier in the show. Poor Amanda Meyer was left roseless with a hurt jaw,so she had to hit the road,just like Leslie Hughes did earlier. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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