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Bachelor 2013 eliminated Desiree Hartsock tonight in episode 8. The show started off with Sean ,visiting AshLee Frazier in her hometown of Houston,Texas. They had a nice good talk to start things off. Then they visited her family,and they seemed pretty cool. A bit emotional and protective,but cool about it. As cool as you can be about it,anyways. Overall, things went swell with that date.

Next, Sean visited the lovely Catherine Giudici in Seattle Washington. And like before, things started off great in their 1 on 1 time.However, when Sean met her folks,things went less than stellar as her sisters were quite skeptical of Catherine’s actual commitment to getting married and starting a family,and they also conveyed that type of vibe to Sean when they talked with him.

Oh, and her mother was quite uptight,but did the best she could to make Sean feel ok about everything. However, Sean did express that he couldn’t really find the answers he was looking for from them,and it sort of left him feeling confused about Catherine. On a good note, Sean and Catherine did talk and kiss before he left.

From there, Sean went off to visit Lindsay Hunter in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. They ended up walking around the town to start off her hometown visit,and stopped by some of Lindsay’s old hangouts. At one point, Lindsay also had Sean put on a army outfit and do a little workout in preparation to meet her father, but it was more of a fun,flirty type of outing.

Then Sean finally met her parents,and they seemed really cool as they were very inviting. Also, Sean was pleasantly surprised at how cool Lindsay’s dad was,considering he was a tough army General, which really had him nervous at first. Before the visit was over, Lindsay’s dad did give Sean his blessing to marry Lindsay if he ended up choosing her.

To cap off the hometown visits, Sean caught up to Desiree in Newport Beach,California. Desiree was very excited to see him,and they appeared to have a great time to kick things off. They also had a great chuckle when Desiree pranked him by hiring an actor to play her fake boyfriend who wanted her back. Things got real heated just before she let Sean know it was a joke.

Unfortunately, the jokes ended when Sean met Desiree’s family. The father and mother were pretty ok and delightful ,but her brother was a jerk,and told Sean, he’s nothing but a player and is insincere. This, of course, deeply upset Sean and he left shortly after that. Desiree could tell something was wrong,and later on,her brother told him what he said to Sean. She and her parents told him, that was totally uncool and Desiree was very upset about it.

Skipping to the rose ceremony,Desiree pulled Sean aside to apologize to him for her brother’s actions,just before he handed out the roses. He told Desiree, he understood,and knew that her brother was no representation of who she is as a person. Next, Sean had to take a few minutes to rethink his rose decisions. And when everything was said and done, Lindsay,Catherine, and AshLee all received roses,leaving poor Desiree on the outs.

From there, Sean walked Desiree out to the exit limo. Desiree was very upset and cried,begging Sean not to let her go,but he went ahead and let her go ,and that was it. Her brother definitely fouled things up for her. No doubt about it. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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