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Bachelor 2013 eliminated Jackie Parr & Robyn Howard tonight in episode 5. The show started off with a 1 on 1 date for Sean and Lindsay Yenter. They ended,taking a little helicopter ride and ended up having a picnic in Glacier National Park,and appeared to have a great time as they chatted it up and kissed passionately. Things went even better on the 2nd half of the date as more kissing went down and a rose was handed out. It didn’t stop there ,though,as Sean capped off the date by taking Lindsay to a Sarah Darling concert, where they danced and did more lip locking.

From there, we saw the group date footage,and it involved the girls getting split into two teams again to compete in a farming competition, which had them canoeing, hay bucking ,and goat milking. The winning team got to spend the 2nd half of the date with Sean,while the losers got to have a good cry on the way back to the mansion.

However, Sean later decided to let the losing women join them on the 2nd half of the date,which highly ticked off the girls who won,because they felt like they won the competition for nothing. Oh well. They just had to suck it up. After all was said and done, Daniella ended up capturing an early rose at the group date due to her amazing sobbing skills. All of her insecurities overflowed like a freaking tsunami ,and Sean just had to give in.

Next, Sean hit up the 2 on 1 date with crazy Tierra LiCausi and Jackie Parr. They did a little horseback riding before Jackie pulled Sean to the side to tattle-tale on Tierra about flirting with some dude at the airport. Sean seemed to appreciate the 411. However,before the night was done,Tierra pulled out all the stops by laying a huge sob story on Sean about losing her ex-lover to death,and Sean just had to give in to that,leaving poor Jackie on the outs.

After that ,cocktail party drama ,flared up as Robyn decided she wanted to confront Tierra and make her upset. Tierra said, it was stupid,and basically told her to take a hike. Then a couple of the other girls came over to gang up on Tierra as well,causing Sean to eventually take notice. Sean also revealed that he was pretty upset with all the ladies,because they kept telling him, Tierra isn’t right for him,but would never back it up with a solid reason.

To cap off the show, Sean passed out the roses. Selma,Catherine, Lesley, AshLee,Sarah,and Desiree all got roses to join Lindsay,Tierra, and Daniella,who received roses earlier in the show. That meant poor Robyn was left empty-handed to join Jackie Parr,who got shafted earlier.

If you watched the show,you could just tell this wasn’t any sort of a surprise as Robyn was never seen, uttering a single word to Sean this entire episode,so her fate was just totally inevitable. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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