Bachelor 2013 episode 6 wild spoilers & clips released. Thanks to our trusty source, Reality Steve, we’ve got the revealing spoilers for the upcoming “Bachelor 2013″ episode 6,and it sounds pretty wild as Tierra gets straight up sent to the hospital,creates more drama,and more. There’s also a wild sneak peek,clip (below)

Episode 6 will take place in Lake Louise, Canada,and Sean will be chopping the field down to just 6 women from 9. It’ll kick off with Sean going on a 1 on 1 date with Catherine Giudici. They will take a snow truck ride on a glacier, followed by a night time visit to an ice castle. Catherine will also get an early rose.

Next, Sean takes Sarah, Selma, Daniella, Lindsay, Lesley, AshLee, and Tierra out on a group date to Lake Louise,and end up,conoeing. The festivities lead to crazy Tierra getting injured. Then emergency medical teams are brought in to make sure her crazy ass didn’t die or something. It looks like she may have suffered from hypothermia. From there, a bit of sad news takes place as Sarah,the one-arm chick, will eliminate herself from the competition.

Sean then goes on a 1 on 1 date with Desiree Hartsock,and they rappel down a cliff. She also gets an early rose. Finally, at the rose ceremony, Sean will get rid of Selma Alameri and Daniella McBride to join Sarah,who decided to walk out. Episode 6 airs tonight,February 5th at 8pm central time on ABC. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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