Bachelor 2013 Sean Lowe allegedly sexed up past contestant,then totally ignored her. According to Hollywood Life and their sources, current Bachelor 2013 star Sean Lowe was allegedly quite naughty this past summer as he reportedly hooked up with former Bachelor 2012 contestant Jenna Burke,did the nasty with her,and then acted like she never existed. Shame!

Sources for Star magazine are claiming, ” Sean and Jenna had never met before, and they really hit if off. They spent that whole first night flirting and whispering with each other, and it looked as if a romantic bond was forming between them. Jenna seemed especially smitten with Sean, especially after he let it slip that he had been selected as the next star of The Bachelor. It wasn’t announced publicly until a month later.”

From there, the source claimed, “Jenna went back with Sean to his hotel room and stayed the night. The next evening, at the charity event in Philadelphia, Sean barely paid any attention to her, like she wasn’t even there. It was a side of Sean I never thought I’d see,and it really hurt Jenna.”

If that weren’t enough. It turns out that Jenna reportedly begged the show to let her on the current season to fight for Sean’s love,but they turned her down. Aww. The source stated, Jenna “liked him so much that, knowing he was the next star of The Bachelor, she got in touch with the shows producers and begged to be on the show, but they turned her down. It’s really sad.”

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