Bachelor 2013 Sean Lowe chose Catherine Giudici to be his wife tonight in finale episode. The finale episode ,kicked off with footage of the two beautiful, final women ,Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter,meeting Sean’s parents in Chiang Rai, Thailand. They both spoke 1 on 1 with Sean’s mother and father, and totally set a good impression as they were both very cool and well-spoken.

However, Sean’s overly-concerned mother really kept cautioning him not to propose until he was absolutely sure which girl he wanted to pick, as he was having a tough time,deciding. In fact, Sean’s mother,suggested that maybe he shouldn’t propose at all, at one point.

After the family festivities, they showed more romantic footage,beginning with Sean and Lindsay’s 1 on 1 date action.They took a cute ,little boat ride and chatted for a while. Then found a nice place to kiss and talk some more. The 2nd half of the date, also featured more cheesy talking and kissing to cap everything off.

Next, Sean and Catherine ,hopped on a huge elephant to start off their very romantic 1 on 1 date. Then they followed that up with lots of talking ,kissing,hugging ,and all that good stuff. On the 2nd half of the date, Catherine really opened up and expressed her intense feelings for Sean, followed by some more kissing action. Towards the end of their date, Catherine got extremely emotional,and didn’t want to let Sean go. I was kinda weird,actually. I thought she was going to have nervous breakdown there for a second.

From there, they showed footage of Sean,picking out the engagement ring and the ladies prepping for their final day. At one point, they kicked it back to host Chris Harrison live in the studio to get some of the rejected women’s opinions on who Sean should pic. Surprisingly, psycho AshLee confessed to not being as playful as Catherine and Lindsay are with Sean,and she also thought Lindsay might be best for him.

After a break, they showed Lindsay walking to meet Sean. Then after a few complements,Sean was finally able to spit out a rejection speech for Lindsay. After a few moments, Lindsay got pretty upset and teary-eyed,which was quite upsetting as she seems like a very likable person. Also,her vibe really changed a lot as she was pretty much ready to just go off and cry it out,and not hear anything else Sean had to say. Lindsay also cried a lot on exit limo ride home as she was just very confused as to why Sean didn’t pick her.

Next, Chris gave Sean a note from Catherine,which basically just expressed how much she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. Then,finally, Catherine walked up to meet Sean. He proposed to her,she got all flustered,and of course, said yes. Then they proceeded to hug and kiss ,and so on ,and so forth. And that was it.

In related news, previously rejected Desiree Hartsock, is going to be your new Bachelorette 2013,so get ready for that. Filming starts on March 17th. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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