Bachelor In Paradise 2016 eliminated Emily,Haley,Daniel,Ryan & Carl tonight,August 29th. Tonight’s episode, kicked off with more Caila and Ashley drama. Ashley cried some more when Jared told her that he wants to keep things going with Caila.

From there, we saw footage of Wells showing up on the scene. Everyone immediately put the pressure on Wells to ask Ashley out, so someone could finally take her mind off Jared.

Wells did ask Ashley out and everyone cheered. When they went on their date, Ashley expressed how happy she was to be on the date with Wells, and tried to reassure him that he’s not her rebound for getting over Jared. Wells liked that and they ended up kissing.

Next, they showed the major drama that’s going on with Lace and Grant. Grant kept trying to work things out with Lace, but she told him to just get out of her face, and that she didn’t want to deal with any drama right now. Ultimately, Grant finally was able to crack another one of Lace’s insane walls that she has up, and they kissed and made up.

Next, Josh caused some drama with Nick and Jen about sleeping in a certain room, claiming he and Amanda had already reserved that particular room. However, Jen said that Amanda told them to take that room. Josh also got upset that Amanda decided to sleep alone that night because she was really tired.

Josh’s behavior caused the twins, Emily and Haley, to ask Nick what he thought about Josh’s temper and intentions for Amanda because they were concerned for her. Nick said he had a lot of doubts about Josh and said that he seems to get very heated over small things.

Next the rose ceremony took place. Carly gave her rose to Evan. Ashley to Wells. Lace to Grant. Jen to Nick. Izzy to Brett. Caila to Jared. Amanda to Josh. Then Haley and Emily told everyone that they decided to just leave while tearing up. This left poor Daniel, Ryan and Carl roseless and headed home.

Before the twins left, they pulled Amanda aside to try and warn her that Josh might not be there for the right reasons, claiming they think he might be there to try and clean up his negative image that his ex ,Andi Dorfman, created in her book, and that he might not really be there for her.

Amanda really took their opinion to heart, because she and the twins are really close. Eventually , Amanda told Josh what went down with the twins after Josh kept badgering her to tell her what’s wrong.

Of course, Josh got really upset and confronted everyone about people talking bad about him behind his back, and that they need to confront him if they had a problem instead of trying to mess up he and Ashley’s relationship.

Nick stepped forward to confront Josh, which led to a big argument between them again. Later on, Josh packed his bags, ready to leave , but Amanda talked him out of it, saying she’s choosing to believe him over all the opinions of everyone else.

Next, Jami from Ben’s season, rolled in to eventually ask Wells out on a date and he accepted. This all went down while Ashley was sound asleep, so Nick and Jen had to end up telling her that Wells had went on a date with Jami after she finally woke up. Her reaction was that she was fine with it, and walked off.

However, she saw Caila with Jared again, and her jealousy flared back up. Eventually Caila had another talk with Ashley. It was really weird as Caila kept trying to ask Ashley if she thought she should leave like Ashely wouldn’t encourage her to leave or something.

Ashley told Caila she wouldn’t feel guilty if Caila left, which was no surprise to me, but for some reason this upset Caila enough to make the decision to leave, claiming she can’t really get to know Jared the way she wants to with Ashley being there.

She told Jared that she was leaving, and the episode ended on that note. It will definitely be continued in tomorrow night’s episode. Stay tuned.

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