Bachelor In Paradise 2016 eliminated Jami,Tiara,Lauren, Brett & Izzy tonight,September 5th. Tonight’s episode, kicked off, showing footage of the last edition to the season showing up, which was Tiara from Ben’s season. She had a date card. However, Nick somehow talked her into giving him the date card so he could ask Jen on another date, lol!

During their date, they hit up a carnival and appeared to have a great time, but Jen wanted Nick to open up to her more. He eventually did, and told her he’s falling in love with her at one point. Jen, of course, reciprocated, so things looked great for them at that point.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that Brett likes Lauren more than Izzy, so she’s about to be the odd chick out at the rose ceremony. Brett decided to tell Izzy before the rose ceremony even happened, prompting Izzy to just go ahead and leave. Then she conveniently started to realize that maybe she shouldn’t have just dumped Vinny out of the blue like a crazy person.

So, she tried to call up Vinny to repair things. She apologized for screwing him over, but Vinny basically told her, he can’t deal with a person like her, and that was it. Izzy got all emotional and told the exit limo to pull over, so she could cause a big scene, I guess. It was a very odd situation.

Next, Shushana caused a big scene, saying she’s tired of waiting for Wells to make a choice between her and the other 2 chicks he’s romancing. Wells tried to stop her from leaving, but since he couldn’t give her a full commitment, she said, bye bye.

From there, they showed Rose Ceremony footage: Josh gave his rose to Amanda. Nick to Jen. Grant to Lace. Evan to Carly. Wells to Ashley. Then Brett said he just wasn’t really feeling love for anyone, and decided not to give the rose to anyone, and left!

This left: Jami, Tiara and Lauren , roseless, and having to pack it up to join Brett and Izzy who chose to kick their own selves off the show. Next, host Chris Harrison, told the five remaining couples that they need to decide if they really have a future.

If not, they would need to break up and get the hell out. However, if they did think something was possible, they would go on a special 1 on 1 date that features a fantasy suite.

Wells ended up telling Ashley that their thing would not work out, because he really wasn’t sure where their relationship was going. So, they packed it up.

Next, they showed the final dates, starting with Lace and Grant. They went to the market, and then ended up getting matching tattoos that read Grace, which represents their two names combined. They capped off their date with dinner where Lace finally told Grant that she loves him.

After that madness, Jen and Nick did some paddle boarding on their date. Then they did some serious chatting about Nick’s supposed walls he has up. Nick told Jen that he loves her as a person, but is not totally sure he’s in love with her now. However, they did eventually hit up the fantasy suite before it was all said and done.

On Evan and Carly’s date, they participated in a naked painting session and appeared to have a really great time. Before their date ended, they both told each other they loved one another, and ended up heading to the fantasy suite.

Next, we saw Josh and Amanda hitting up a soccer field to watch kids play. Josh talked about wanting kids in his future. They ended up saying they love each other. The show wrapped up on that note, and the season will finally conclude in tomorrow night’s finale show. Stay tuned.

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