Bachelorette 2013 Desiree chose Chris Siegfried to be her husband in finale show tonight. The huge finale show started off ,showing footage of Desiree, commenting on how she was doing since getting royally dumped by Brooks in Antigua. After that, Brooks told the final 2 guys, Drew Kenny and Chris Siegfried, that she got dumped, so they could process where she was at,emotionally, I guess.

Next, they showed Des ,spending some 1 on 1 time with Drew ,so she could ultimately tell him he was getting dumped by her. Drew was quite upset,but said, he understood, and walked away, dazed and confused. Next, Des went on a romantic 1 on 1 date with Chris, and things seemed to go extremely well,especially since they ended up back in a bedroom suite, saying sweet nothings to each other. Des also confirmed that she would like for Chris to meet her family before they capped things off with steamy kissing action.

After a break, Chris was seen ,meeting Des’ family, which also included her crazy brother, Nate, and he did not disappoint. He threw a lot of probing questions at Chris, which he seemed to answer ok. Then Chris talked 1 on 1 with Des’ father,and that seemed to go well as Chris received the father’s blessing to marry Des. Later, it was revealed that Nate even approved of Chris, so that was a pretty damn big deal.

Next, they finally capped off the taped show footage by showing Chris , rolling up to propose to Des,and just as he was about to propose, Des interrupted him to say a few kind and grateful words. Chris was a little nervous ,at first, when she cut him off,but since it turned out to be a positive thing, Chris continued to propose to Des,and she accepted it with a huge hug and passionate kissing action.

So, that was it. Des is now officially engaged to Chris Siegfried, which means our trusty spoiler source, Reality Steve, got the finale predictions wrong this year. He has finally admitted to it on Twitter,and promises to bounce back from his failed prediction. It has happened in the past,and he’s been right more times than he’s been wrong,so we’re fully confident that he will indeed bounce back. Don’t lose faith.

Also, they revealed that Juan Pablo will indeed be the new Bachelor 2014. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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