Bachelorette 2016 JoJo picked Jordan Rogers to be her husband tonight,August 1st. Tonight’s finale episode, kicked off with footage of JoJo taking Jordan (left) to meet her family. He brought them some gifts and eventually chatted with her mother and father. The mother definitely liked him and so did her father. In fact, pretty much everyone liked him.

Next, Robby came to meet her folks. He brought them a personalized wine bottle to start off the visit. Then he eventually chit chatted with both JoJo’s mother and father. He really impressed them, and said very nice things about JoJo. JoJo’s father even gave him his blessing to marry her when he asked for it.

After all that, JoJo talked with her family, alone, to get their opinions. JoJo’s mother thought Robby was more husband material than Jordan, and so did her father. JoJo’s brothers also favored Robby more.

However, JoJo actually said she liked the fact that Jordan seemed more fun and outgoing. At one point, her family mentioned that Jordan never asked her father for his permission to marry her, and that seemed to be a really big issue.

Next, they showed JoJo going on her final 1 on 1 date with Robby. They went to the beach and went swimming. And afterwards, they talked about their possible future together. On the 2nd half, they did lots of kissing after Robby showed her some photos of the time they’ve spent together during this season. And everything seemed to go great.

Next, they showed JoJo and Jordan’s 1 on 1 date footage. They went on a boat outing where they kissed and talked for a bit. However, JoJo was visually upset about Jordan never asking her father for his permission to marry her. They also did some kayaking before having the big conversation about the marriage permission.

Jordan told her he didn’t ask her father for permission ,yet, because he basically wanted to be sure that JoJo was picking him over Robby before he did that. During the 2nd half of the date, they did more kissing, but JoJo still seemed upset, because she had doubts if Jordan was really ready to commit her.

Next, they showed the guys picking out rings for JoJo. Then we saw Jordan make a phone call to JoJo’s parents to ask for their blessing to marry her. So, he appeared to rectify that situation. He wrote JoJo a letter, explaining that he did get her parents’ blessing. From there, we saw JoJo go into a little bit a of panic mode as she started feeling confused again after Jordan made things right.

Next, they showed poor Robby show up to try to propose to JoJo, but she stopped him, midway, to explain that her heart is with Jordan. They both teared up before he left for good.

Next, Jordan arrived to give give his proposal speech, and it obviously went over quite well, since he was the one that JoJo picked. She told him she loves him so much and has been waiting to tell him. From there, Jordan proposed, and she said yes for a big hug and kiss to cap things off!

Alright, guys. That’s it. Stay tuned for our “Bachelor in Paradise” coverage, which starts next week.

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