Credit: MTV

Credit: MTV

Earlier this week we got our first glimpse into what the costuming/makeup will be like on the new film version of Green Lantern when we showed you Peter Sarsgaard as villain, Hector Hammond. Well, today we go one step further and take a glimpse into what Ryan Reynolds will wear as Green Lantern, himself.

Apparently this is something called a “full motion-capture suit” that will involve a crap-ton of CGI in order to give the Green Lantern the green hue you’d expect to see. And according to the folks on set, everyone is supposed to be kept mum about how it will look and what direction they are taking it. Personally, seeing this photo just makes me mad. I want more, dammit! Oh, and because it’s necessary to mention: Aww, look at the cute little puppy!! Click the thumbnail below for a larger version of the picture.

Source: MTV

Ryan Reynolds 'Green Lantern'

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