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Big Brother 14 voted off Frank Eudy & Joe Arvin tonight for week 9. Earlier tonight, the live double elimination show went down for Big Brother season 14,week 9,and a lot of crazy stuff went down,including sending two more unhappy houseguests out the door.

It kicked off by showing footage of what went on inside the house this past week. Basically, everyone totally played Frank,making him think he was safe this week,when in reality, they new his ticket was up.

Next, host Julie Chen revealed to the houseguests that it was another double elimination episode. Shortly after that, the eviction nominees Frank and Joe gave their final speeches. Then the houseguests casts their votes to evict. Dan,Danielle,and Shane voted to evict Frank. Jenn voted to evict Joe. So, with a vote of 3-1, Frank finally got booted out of the Big Brother 14 house tonight,and he was really ticked off too. He immediately grabbed his things and walked out. He only gave Jenn a hug.

Next, the remaining houseguests quickly competed for the new HoH. It ended up being another quiz challenge, and Dan pulled out the win. From there, he quickly had to nominate two more houseguests for eviction. They ended up being Ian and Joe. After a short break, the houseguests quickly competed for POV,and Ian came up with another big win in the clutch. He has really come on strong here at the end. I hope he makes it to the end.

We’re still unclear why Dan nominated Ian,but it’ll definitely be interesting to see how Ian deals with him this week. After the POV, Ian not surprisingly used it to take himself off the block. Then Dan put up Danielle as a replacement nominee,which was highly strange since she’s supposed to be his main partner.

Next, Danielle and Joe quickly gave their speeches,so the houseguests could cast their votes to evict. No one voted to evict Danielle. However, Shane,Jenn,and Ian all voted to evict Joe. So, with a vote of 3-0,Joe finally got his long-awaited boot from the house,leaving Ian,Dan,Jenn,Shane,and Danielle as the final five houeguests.

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