Big Brother 15 Amanda Zuckerman put up as 3rd eviction nominee yesterday for week 5. According to the Big Brother live feeds, America’s vote for the 3rd eviction nominee was revealed yesterday afternoon,July 27th, and it turned out to be the fast talking ,sharp deal maker, real estate agent, Amanda Zuckerman.

So now,as it stands, Amanda, Spencer, and Howard are sitting on the eviction chopping block,awaiting their fate. The MVP vote,sent the house into a tailspin, once again,wondering who put Amanda up as production still hasn’t told the cast that America is doing the nominations. Everyone speculated, it was Howard that got MVP, especially McCrae, who was very emotional since Amanda is his snuggle buddy.

Howard told Amanda that he didn’t put her up and that he has no control over what the rest of the house thinks about him. All of Helen’s peeps were encouraging each other to win the veto,so they can still go after Howard this week. Spencer ended up,winning the POV,and the word is, reigning HOH, Aaryn Gries, is going to throw Candice up in Spencer’s place when he pulls himself off the chopping block. The POV ceremony will most-likely go down this Monday afternoon, so stay tuned ,or get the Big Brother 24 hour live feeds by Clicking Here.

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