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Big Brother 15 Andy Herren won HOH last night for week 7. According to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, the next HOH competition for Big Brother season 15, week 7 ,took place last night after a very eventful double eviction,live show that would see Aaryn not only win the crucial double eviction HOH comp, but also the POV as well!!

Now, in this last HOH, Andy Herren finally won his first contest of the season, and it just so happened to conveniently be the HOH comp. I’m guessing from conversations that took place just before the final comp, that Jessie will be Andy’s target this week. Also, Aaryn, GinaMarie, Helen, and Elissa are new have-nots this week,so they’ll be downing a whole lot of slop in the upcoming days.

The eviction nominations are expected to go down later on today, so stay tuned, or get the Big Brother 24 hour live feeds by Clicking Here.

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