Big Brother 15 Elissa put up for 3rd eviction nominee by America’s vote yesterday,week 4. According to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, the America’s Vote MVP nomination was revealed yesterday,July 21st, and they decided that Elissa should go up as the 3rd eviction nominee on the chopping block for Big Brother 15,week 4.

It’s pretty strange too, considering that America voted Elissa to be MVP for three straight weeks prior to this. So, now, Elissa,Aaryn,and Kaitlin are sitting on the eviction chopping block. The contestants were not told that America controlled the MVP vote this week,so that left them all scrambling,trying to figure out who nominated Elissa.

Some of them thought Aaryn might have nominated her ,but she swore up and down it wasn’t her,and thinks she’s actually being framed by Elissa,which leads to the next theory going around. They actually think that Elissa might have self-nominated herself as some big ploy to make sure Aaryn gets voted out. Some think Kaitlin might have gotten it,and chose Elissa in an attempt to get back at her over the whole Jeremy situation. Throughout all the confusion,one thing was very apparent: none of them knew what the hell they were talking about.

It also turns out that Elissa won the big POV competition that took place after her surprising nomination,and that Aaryn appears to be the target this week. We’ll see. The POV ceremony goes down on Monday. Stay tuned, or get the Big Brother 24 hour live feeds by Clicking Here.

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