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Big Brother 15 GinaMarie Zimmerman fired from her job over saying the N word. According to a new report from TMZ, current Big Brother 15 contestant ,GinaMarie Zimmerman, better hope she wins that $500,000 grand prize this year,because she has totally been fired from her day job over some very racist comments she said in the house that have gone out over the live feeds.

It turns out that she dropped the N bomb at one point, referring to welfare as “n word” insurance. Her employer East Coast USA Pageant, Inc. has definitely fired her over this,and stated, they were shocked GZ could “display such acts of hate and racism.” Gina has worked for East Coast USA for 5 years.

However, they said, “We have never known this side of GinaMarie or have ever witnessed such acts of racism in the past. We are actually thankful that this show let us see GinaMarie for who she truly is. We would never want her to be a role model to our future contestants.” Wow!

From there, the company went on to say, “In a business where we are surrounded by beauty every day we are saddened to see something so ugly come from someone we put on a very high pedestal.” Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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