Big Brother 15 GinaMarie Zimmerman won HOH last night for week 6. As previously reported, the Big Brother 15 live eviction show sent contestant ,Howard Overby, packing. Then the new HOH game took place. It turned out to be an endurance contest that went beyond the TV show’s allotted time slot. The houseguests had to hold on for dear life while trying to keep up on top of a spinning barrel.

We hit up the live feeds to see who would win this damn thing,and after almost 2 hours, GinaMarie Zimmerman won it. Spencer & Candice fell first. Then Helen fell,followed by Amanda. Next, Elissa, Judd, & Andy fell off. Candice won $5,000 after choosing one of the gift boxes. Spencer won a bullhorn,and Helen got a mystery card. Jessie feel down,next. GinaMarie and McCrae kept trying to strike a deal,but neither one of them would budge. Then finally, McCrae fell off,and GinaMarie was declared the winner,yay!

GinaMarie was seen talking with her homegirl, Aaryn, and they definitely want Candice to be the main eviction target this week, so we expect them to get right to work on that. As long as Candice doesn’t win POV this week,she’s a pretty safe bet for first eviction next Thursday night. I say ,first, because they will actually be doing a double eviction next week. Uh oh. Nominations are expected to go down later on today, so stay tuned, or get the Big Brother 24 hour live feeds by Clicking Here.

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