Big Brother 15 Jeremy replaced Kaitlin on eviction chopping block yesterday. According to a new report from Big Brother Network and the live feeds, the POV ceremony went down yesterday,July 15th,and as expected, Kaitlin used her veto to pull herself off the eviction chopping block. Then reigning HOH,Helen, with much delight, elected to replace Kaitlin with crazy Jeremy.

The plan all week, has been to backdoor Jeremy, so Helen and her over emotional squad, got their wish. Unless something really crazy goes down between today and Thursday night, Jeremy will definitely be the 3rd houseguest to get sent packing this season.

Currently, Jeremy,Aaryn,and Spencer are on the block. Jeremy’s taking his defeat in stride and is encouraging Kaitlin,Aaryn,and GinaMarie to ban together to get further in the game. Helen has become a total dictator with her HOH,threatening send people home if they don’t vote with her precious side of the house and so on,and so forth. I hope someone takes her out,or it’s going to end up being a boring season. Anyways,guys. Stay tuned,or get the Big Brother 24 hour live feeds by Clicking Here.

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