Samuel L. Jackson revealed that Carrie-Anne Moss will be joining him on the set of “Unthinkable,” a post-9/11 terrorism thriller. Jackson also explained the plot of “Unthinkable” as three nuclear bombs have been hidden around the United States and his character is brought in for his “information extraction techniques.” I think he means torture methods. Yeah, he does:

“Since there are so many rules about how you can and can’t interrogate people, they bring my character in,” Jackson said of the timely thriller, which casts him as a quasi-Jack Bauer for the big screen. “[I’m the person] who’s willing to cross that line to find out what they need to know.”

At least they’re not trying to avoid the obvious comparisons to “24”. Too bad Jack Bauer couldn’t ever get his stuff together so they could have made this movie first.

Gregor Jordan (“Buffalo Soldiers”) begins filming “Unthinkable” this October.

Source: MTV

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