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Celebrity Apprentice 2012 eliminated Dayana Mendoza tonight in episode 11. Earlier tonight,NBC aired the 11th episode for Celebrity Apprentice 2012,and the hot model finally ran out her nine lives,but it was a good run.

The show kicked off with Aubrey professing that she is the most creative person on the show. Then poor Dayana was nervous,because she knew her teammates wanted her gone. Next,Aubrey gave her $40,000 to her charity.

After all that,Trump gave the celebs their task,which was to create a 90-second jingle for Good Sam’s Roadside Assistance program,and perform it. They were judged on the actual jingle,brand messaging,and performance. Dayana decided to be project manager for team Forte,and Arsenio took project manager duties for team Unanimous. The winning task manager won $45,000 for their charity.

Next,Aubrey and Arsenio started butting heads again,because Aubrey tried to over-contribute to this task from the jump,since she is a performer and singer. However,later on,Arsenio did let her go ahead and take control over the musical aspects of the jingle.

On team Forte,Dayana was driving Clay up the wall,because she kept trying to act like she knew more about the musical stuff than Clay. She also got more bossy than usual,which continued to fuel the angry flames that were brewing inside Clay and Lisa. At one point,Clay described Dayana as the blind leading the seeing,lol!

After a break, Don trump Jr.,showed up to visit both teams. He thought Unanimous’ project was coming along nicely. However,Aubrey pulled Don aside to tell him,Arsenio was doing a very bad job,which shocked Don,and he said, he’d never seen anything like that before. The fireworks flew when he visited Forte. Apparently,Dayana tried to say some negative things about Lisa’s performance that wasn’t true,and she just blew up,screaming at Dayana,and stormed out,leaving Don,shocked.

Later on,Lisa told Dayana,not to talk to her unless it was to apologize. Dayana tried to give her a weak apology,and Lisa totally rejected it. So,the bickering and animosity continued. Aubrey made fun of Arsenio,claiming he didn’t know what he was doing. She also went off,and ignored his instructions again.

They eventually showed rehearsal footage,and Arsenio was not pleased at the changes that Aubrey tried to make to his routine,but he seemed to deal with it. Dayana and Clay started arguing,hardcore, when she tried to tell him how to do his stage performance. It escalated to the point that Clay told Lisa,he was about to go off on Dayana as well.

After all that drama,the teams finally did their live jingle performances. After all was said and done,the executives liked Forte’s performance,but didn’t like their brand messaging job,and also thought it was a bit too conservative. They like Unanimous’ performance and brand messaging,but didn’t like Aubrey’s cheerleading outfit,since they had an older demographic.

After another break,the teams talked with Trump in the boardroom. Arsenio’s Unanimous team were pretty harmonious,saying good things about each other. However,it was a very different,grim-looking, situation with Forte. Lisa immediately said, Dayana should be fired. Clay eventually backed her up after about 10 minutes of arguing back and forth.

While Lisa got most of the comedic shots in,Dayana didn’t back down,and threw in a shot as well,saying,she’s never seen a grown woman cry so much,lol!! At that point,I was like you go,Dayana. I thought Dayana handled herself well in the midst of all of Lisa’s screaming and shouting. She tried to explain to Trump that she had a hard time working with Lisa,because she’s very disrespectful.

They devoted about 20 minutes to those two,bickering back and forth,and it was fun to watch. Eventually,Trump revealed that Arsenio and his team,won. So, Forte had to fire off another person.

After the final break, Lisa,Dayana,and Clay bickered some more,but all the blame was shifted in Dayana’s direction. What stood out the most,was the executives could barely tell Dayana was project manager,and she was almost unnoticeable. After a few more words,Trump fired Dayana,and that was that.

It was sad to see her go,though,but it was time. In the next episode,Trump will fire two more people,so that should be very interesting. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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