teresa giudice on celebrity apprentice 2012

lisa lampanelli on celebrity apprentice 2012

Celebrity Apprentice 2012 eliminated Lisa Lampanelli & Teresa Giudice in episode 12 tonight. Earlier tonight,NBC aired the 12th episode of Celebrity Apprentice 2012,and two more people got fired,and sent packing. It kicked off with Aubrey and Lisa,celebrating Dayana getting fired. Then Teresa started to worry that she might be Lisa’s next target.

Next,Trump gave them their new task. They had to create a print ad for a “Chi Touch” hairdryer. They were judged on brand messaging,print campaign,and overall pitch. Lisa took over project manager duties for team Forte,while Teresa was project manager for team Unanimous. The winning project manager,won $100,000 for their charity.

After a break,they showed the teams getting started on their task. Aubrey immediately started throwing out a ton of ideas as usual. At one point,Teresa got into a big debate over which models they would get. Lisa tried to give Teresa shady deal,and she didn’t like it. However,she gave in anyways,which didn’t sit well with Aubrey and Arsenio.

Eric visited Unanimous,and wasn’t impressed with the fact that Teresa let Lisa bully her in the negotiation process. Next, they showed the two teams doing the photo shoots for their campaigns. Clay complained about Lisa not doing anything,while he did most of the work.

Eventually, Don Trump Jr. visited Forte,and said their message is really deep,and could run the risk of not being clearly conveyed to the audience. Aubrey decided to be one of the models in the team’s photo shoot,and she couldn’t stop going on about how good she thought she looked. Teresa said, she didn’t think Arsenio was contributing much. Meanwhile,Arsenio thought it was just he and Aubrey,running the show,while Aubrey thought she was the only one doing anything.

Finally,they showed footage of the teams,presenting their footage to the executives. Unanimous revealed their slogan was, “be at peace with the future of your hair,” claiming their hair dryer was very quiet instead of being so loud. Their pitch seemed to go ok with the exception of Teresa getting all nervous.

After both teams did their presentations, the executives said,they liked Arsenio and Aubrey,but thought Teresa lacked passion,and their campaign didn’t show enough details and features about the product. They felt team Forte,showed off all the features well,but their presentation lacked passion.

Next, the teams talked with Trump in the boardroom. Teresa and Lisa immediately started arguing with each other. Teresa said, Lisa was dishonest. Lisa said, Teresa didn’t deserve to be in the finals. Clay and Lisa agreed that they worked together on their project. Teresa said,Arsenio didn’t bring much to the table,and played it safe. Ultimately,Trump revealed that Lisa’s team,won,so Unanimous had to eliminate someone.

After a break,Unanimous talked about what went wrong with their campaign. Teresa continued to try and shift blame to Arsenio,claiming he didn’t do anything. Then Arsenio,chimed in to say, he handled a lot of the photography,and felt that Teresa wasn’t even qualified to assess his performance. He also told her, “don’t try to throw me under the bus,because I’ll back it up and hit you with it.” Lol! I love that.

After another break, Arsenio and Teresa continued to argue some more. Arsenio pointed out that no one could recognize Teresa was even the project manager when they were on set. Finally,Trump said,the executives loved Arsenio and Aubrey,and told Teresa,she was fired. Arsenio and Aubrey gave Teresa a hug on the way out.

After a break,Trump told Clay,Arsenio,Aubrey,and Lisa to come back into the boardroom,and told them,they would interview with last year’s winner and runner-up John Rich and Marlee Matlin. Afterwards,they would consult with Trump to help him determine which next,two,people would be getting the boot.

Next, they showed footage of the Marlee and John,interviewing each of the celebrities. They also gave their opinions to Trump. Afterwards, the final four met back with Trump in the boardroom to talk about the interviews for a little while. Then Trump told Lisa,Marlee and John didn’t like the fact that she couldn’t keep her emotions in check during the season,so Trump fired her,and the closing credits,ran,with a “to be continued” notice.

However,we have info from pretty good sources that Aubrey is the next person Trump fires. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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