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Celebrity Apprentice 2012 eliminated Paul Teutul Sr in episode 9 tonight. Last night,NBC aired episode 9 of Celebrity Apprentice 2012,and more drama went down,along with another celebrity,sent packing. The show kicked off with more intense fights. Clay ticked off Lisa with a comment about Lou still being human after she stormed in,bragging that she finally got rid of him.

Aubrey was happy to see Lisa snap back at Clay,and shut him up,because she said,she couldn’t stand him. Aubrey also wanted to see the Clay/Arsenio alliance get broken up. Then Teresa presented her huge $60,000 check to her charity.

After that, Trump gave them their task,which was to create original puppets for Henson’s “Stuffed and Unstrung.” They also had to perform a show with the puppets. The task required four people to be on each team,so Trump decided to move Clay over to team Forte,because they were down to just three people after losing so got damn much.

They were judged on design,quality of the puppets,and overall live performance. Lisa took over project manger duties for Forte,while Paul decided to be project manager for Unanimous. The winning project manager,received $20,000 for their charity.

Next,they showed the teams,working on their projects. Arsenio liked how Aubrey was behaving,saying,she was becoming more of a team player. Dayana and Lisa started arguing again,because Dayana felt that Lisa was excluding her from doing anything. Lisa didn’t include Lisa in the puppet show,because she thought that she and Clay would be better at that,and said,Dayana’s accent is hard to understand.

Dayana cracked me up when she made fun of Lisa’s constant whining by doing an impression of her in a private interview. It was awesome. Next,they showed the teams,creating the puppets. Aubrey complained about everyone’s work,but didn’t say anything to anyone in order to keep the peace. She also said,Paul was being lazy and not a good project manager.

Next,the teams learned how to use the puppets to get ready for their show. Dayana was told by some of the pro puppet people that she did such a good job making the puppets that they would actually hire her for it. Eric Trump paid Forte a visit,while Ivanka paid Unanimous a visit. Eric quickly noticed that Dayana wasn’t happy to be working with Lisa,and Ivanka noticed that Aubrey appeared to learn her lesson about taking over too much.

Next,they showed rehearsal footage,and Dayana looked even more pissed than before over not being able to participate. Aubrey commented on the fact that Teresa seemed very clueless when trying to do the puppet show,forgetting her lines and what not.

Just before the live puppet show,Lisa blew up at Dayana when she tried to see if she could participate more. It got so bad that Dayana left the room,and started crying. Clay was very surprised by the outburst,and thought that Lisa might be jealous of Dayana in some way,but it was hard to tell. Penn eventually went and got Dayana to finish up the task.

Next,they finally showed the live puppet shows. Both teams seemed to do well. The executives complained a lot about Teresa’s improv mistakes,but liked Arsenio and Aubrey. They thought Lisa’s show went too far with some of the sexual stuff,but thought Dayana’s puppet designs were good,and also liked Penn’s work.

Next,the teams talked with Trump in the boardroom. Lisa and Dayana argued some more. Then Lisa broke down crying,saying she didn’t know if she would bring anyone back for firing considerations if they lost,because she didn’t like being viewed as a villain,and didn’t want to make girls cry. Paul said, Teresa was the weakest person on their team.

Trump finally revealed that Lisa and team Forte,won the task,so Unanimous had to get rid of somebody. After the break,Unanimous pointed blame on who screwed up. Teresa thought Paul should be fired. Paul thought Teresa should be fired. Ultimately,Paul decided to bring Aubrey and Teresa back for firing considerations,leaving Arsenio safe. Trump thought Paul should’ve brought Arsenio back,because the executives didn’t like his puppet design.

After the final break,Aubrey,Teresa,and Paul battled it out,again,over who should be fired. Both Teresa and Aubrey thought Paul should go,while Paul kept trying to get rid of Teresa. Aubrey sold the fact that Paul was project manager,and didn’t show much passion for this task.

Trump also didn’t like the fact that Paul didn’t bring Arsenio back,so he told him he was fired. The next episode is going to be huge as Arsenio and Aubrey will have another big showdown in the boardroom,and it’s gonna be insane. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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