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Celebrity Apprentice 2012 eliminated Penn Jillette in episode 10 last night. Last night,NBC aired the 10th episode for Celebrity Apprentice 2012,and they sent the magician home,and the model used another one of her nine lives. It kicked off with footage of Lisa,saying she would be nice to Dayana from now on. Aubrey basically said,she didn’t give a crap about anybody on her team. Then Lisa gave her charity the $20,000 she won.

After all that,Trump revealed that their next task would be to create an in-store display and slogan for Trump’s new fragrance called, “Success by Trump.” They were judged on creativity,messaging,and brand presentation. Clay was made project manager for Forte,and Aubrey took over project manger duties for Unanimous.

Trump said,he would give the winning project manager $20,000. However,if they did something Trump really liked,he said,he would give the winning project manager a huge, $100,000 check.

Next,they showed the teams,brainstorming ideas for their projects. Aubrey and Arsenio started to clash heads a little bit over the definition of success. Arsenio wanted to keep it simple with money,sex,and power,while Aubrey wanted to go deeper,and more original.

Next, the teams came up with their themes,and started setting them up. Aubrey started alienating herself from Arsenio and Teresa again,and Arsenio didn’t like it. Aubrey constantly complained that Arsenio and Teresa didn’t help her out. She told Eric,she was the only one to come up with any ideas,which was definitely not true.

She also bashed Arsenio by saying,Teresa actually helped out more. Fortunately,Eric saw through her BS,and said, if they lose,she’ll try and shift blame to them,but she won’t be able to since she’s taking credit for everything. She literally told Eric,she was a one man show with no help.

At one point,Teresa had to start doing some painting of the display,while wearing a dress,just to find something to do,because Aubrey tried to do everything and totally brushed them to the side. At one point,Lisa spied on Unanimous’ project,and told Clay,their concept were similar to theirs,but that was pretty much the end of that as they had no time to change anything.

Next,the teams presented their displays to the executives. Clay and team Forte ran into a little trouble,but appeared to eventually do ok. The executives really liked Unanimous’ message “Trust Your Instincts,” but didn’t like the Eric Trump silhouette. They liked Forte’s Dayana modeling image,but didn’t like their message, “You Earned It,” because they felt it sort of seemed a bit pompous.

Next,the teams talked with Trump in the boardroom. Clay and his team had nothing but great things to say about each other. Lisa even complemented Dayana. Aubrey totally changed her story from what she told Eric earlier,and said,her team was supportive and helpful. However, Eric called her out on the bad things she said about Arsenio and Teresa earlier.

At that point, Arsenio said,he didn’t like his efforts being minimized,and pointed out that he found the Trump quote “Trust Your Instincts.” Then Aubrey tried to say that she had actually thought of it before Arsenio presented it to her,and Arsenio did not look happy about it at all.

After the mini drama,Trump finally revealed that Aubrey and team Unanimous,won. Since Trump didn’t totally like either of the displays,he decided to just give $40,000 to the winning project manager,and give $10,000 to each team member on both teams for their charity.

Afterwards,Clay and Forte talked with Trump to find out who to blame for their failure. Penn’s name definitely came up since the executives didn’t like his slogan. Dayana got a lot of positive complements from the executives,but Clay still brought back Dayana and Penn back for firing considerations,claiming he,Penn and Lisa would be the strongest,moving forward.

After the final break, Clay,Penn,and Dayana debated over who should get the boot. Clay said Penn should go,based on this task. Penn said,Clay should go for approving the bad slogan ,and Dayana also said,Clay should go since he was the project manager. Ultimately, Trump finally decided to fire Penn for coming up with the bad slogan.

So,Dayana lived through another,final boardroom meeting,but it looks like she could definitely run out of her nine lives,next week, as she will piss both Clay and Lisa off as project manager. The fire works are definitely going to fly. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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