Dayana hardcore fights with Clay & Lisa & more in NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice 2012” episode 11. The episode is called, “Jingle All the Way Home,” and things get majorly overheated when hot Model Dayana pisses of both Clay and Lisa,and more. We’ve also got a pretty wild promo clip after the jump.

In the new episode 11, the celebrities are going to have to write a 90-second jingle for Good Sam’s Roadside Assistance program. Dayana takes over program manager duties for team Forte,and she appears to send the whole thing to hell when she and Clay go at it in a big screaming match.

However,it didn’t stop there as Lisa Lampanelli also goes off on her,again,right in front of Don Trump Jr. I mean,he was right in the thick of it. It’s crazy. Last,but not least,Lisa and Dayana battle some more in boardroom meeting. Things are definitely going to get super crazy in this episode. It airs Sunday,April 29th at 8pm central time on NBC. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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