Dayana mocks the hell out of Lisa & more in NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice 2012” episode 9. The episode is called, “Puppet Up!,” and it totally looks hilarious as Dayana gets to mock Lisa this time around,and it’s so damn funny. NBC also released a new,funny,promo clip (below).

In the new episode 9, the remaining celebrities will have to make original puppets for Henson’s “Stuffed and Unstrung,” and things appear to go horribly wrong when the celebs do their puppet show. It’s going to be their toughest task ever. It looks like Dayana does something to set Lisa off,because she throws a major temper tantrum that freaks out a couple of people.

At one point,Dayana is seen,tearing up. Then at the boardroom, Lisa starts balling her ass off to Trump,saying,she doesn’t want to make girls cry or something to that effect. Finally,at the very end,there’s a clip of Dayana ,totally making fun of Lisa’s crying. It’s the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen. She really mocks the hell out of Lisa,good.

It’s nice to see Dayana finally get a shot in at Lisa for a change,especially after all the abuse she’s gotten from her. Episode 9 airs Sunday,April 15th at 8pm central time on NBC. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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